How to select trusted wholesale suppliers for your e-commerce business?

wholesale suppliers

With the rapid development of e-commerce business and internet, so many people jump into the global e-commerce market in the recent years, but how can we select trusted wholesale suppliers for our business, as there are so many options now?

In this post, I’ll list 4 key factors to do wholesale supplier selection for e-commerce business.

Product Quality and quantity:

Assessing product quality is the main key point while buying an item from the supplier. This factor can be measured on the basis of product development, process involvement, quality planning, and quality assurance. Nowadays, many companies realize how it is important to select the right supplier for its customers. For better results in business,, you should consult with Singapore’s Piloto Asia.

If the unassured supplier supplies the product to the customers with bad product quality then it may affect the reputation of the company.


Pricing can also be considered as the main criterion for the selection of wholesale suppliers. Industries in trading marketing consume a significant part of the product supplied by the supplier. If the particular supplier changes the prices of the manufactured products then it may adversely affect the final cost of the product. So it is important to never make the final choices relying on the low prices.


The problems related to suppliers can possibly be specified based on the delivery of the product. While choosing a good supplier for your buyers it is necessary to invite the supplier so that they can provide the accurate details of their services including delivery time. Delaying in the product’s delivery may have a bad effect on the core values of the business.

So it is preferred to get the proper description from the suppliers about the time frames, the delivery procedure with terms and conditions. Some reasons for delivery delays can be accepted. For example, the detailed verifications at the border which can make the product delayed while reaching to the consumer.


Different wholesale suppliers are different in terms of the logistics services of products. It is important to manage the physical information flow between the supplier and the company in terms of logistics services. Selection of goods is the most critical activity in the procurement process that commits significant resources. Logistics such as transportation and warehouses account the total cost of a product.

Suppliers will able to perform the logistics function for their customers such as having their own warehouse or transportation facilities which will increase the scope of buyers. The decision of outsourcing the products can totally rely on planning, modelling, and evaluation of logistics services. If any supplier will not be able to fulfil this criterion, then it may affect the estimation time of product delivery.

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Like a coin has two sides, the way of shopping has also two different sides. Like if you love to buy online then you will definitely save your time while going offline you will able to experience the exact design and quality of the product.