How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching it?

hack someone's phone

There are a lot of times when you want to hack someone’s phone without touching it. It could be your partner that is cheating on you or a business partner that you want to track his activities.  Here is a guide on how you can do it.

You sometimes would want to hack your significant other’s phone if their sudden change in behavior is worrying you. It could be your nanny’s phone to make sure she’s looking after your kids. There are several reasons for you to hack someone’s phone because asking them won’t be enough.

You will be overwhelmed with worrying about them still, and your mind will keep on overthinking. In times like these, we have to hack that person’s phone whom you’re worried about.

We will discuss how you can hack into someone’s phone remotely and the possibility to keep your phone safe from such an attack.

There are several different ways of hacking that will give you the proof if either there’s a reason for your kids or significant another being on the phone so much, and you’d also get proof if the nanny is doing her job or not.

hack someone's phone

How to hack someone’s phone without touching it?

What will be the best way to hack someone’s phone? For Android or iPhone users, many users want to monitor their spouse’s phone remotely. There are many issues you need to consider before you embark on spying on your partner’s phone.

The answer to this important question of if you can hack into someone’s phone is YES. To monitor android or iPhone, there are certain criteria you have to meet before you can track any user phone.

To find the best step to track the activities of your partner, kid, or employee, you need to understand basic steps. What you require to hack your spouse’s phone.

What You need to Hack into any Phone

There are numerous phone hacks that are very simple to use but how to deploy the best software will depend on your knowledge of such devices. When you want to hack a phone, you don’t use the technique that is required to hack android on iPhone.

To monitor your partner’s Android phone, it is required to use a spy app and monitoring device on the android phone. While, iPhone, all you require is iCloud backup credentials.

How to Hack an Android Phone by Sending a link

The Android operating system is very popular and easy to use. When your partner is using an android device and you want to hack into such a device, all you need is a spy app installed on the device.

Once installed, you can watch the device remotely without touching it. This is one simple method to hack into someone’s phone.

Within a few minutes, your android phone will be compromised with a spy app. When you cannot touch the android device, you can send a link, when the user clicks it, such a device can be hacked.

Best Spy App to use Nova Spy app

Getting a spy app and putting it on either your kid’s phone or your significant other’s phone is the easiest, most straightforward method of getting into their devices. You don’t have to be a professional hacker, nor does this method require much effort. With any spy app, you can track their location, so whenever they’re out, you will know where they are. No matter how far their phone is from you, you will know their location.

Spy apps also let you spy on their text messages. You can see the texts that your kid or significant other is sending and the texts that they’re receiving, and from whom they are receiving.

Not only can you spy on texts but also ongoing calls. If they’re calling someone, you will get to hear it all. Social media apps can be also spied on with a phone spy app. If they’re talking to someone on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, for example, you will get to view their conversations on these apps as well.

Not all of these features are in a spy app, but in Nova spy app, all of these features are available, plus either if it’s an ios device or an android, Nova spies can hack into all.

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Remotely

Unlike Android users, the iPhone’s step to hack it depends on your knowledge of the user account. an iPhone hack can be hacked by phone number, clicking a link, hijacking someone’s password. Protecting your phone against such coordinated attacks leaves someone’s phone highly vulnerable.

When you combine social engineering, sim hijacking, and password recovery techniques to hack into someone’s iPhone. This will provide more advantages to the attacker.

Social Engineering:

This is manipulating someone to gain access to information or provide restricted access. It can take the form of a social media posting, email, or even a phone call. A user gathers information about you to hack into your account. For example, when someone’s birthday is used as a password on his or her account. A user might try to login into someone’s account.

The goal of the attacker is to get people to divulge sensitive information about themselves, such as passwords and personal identification numbers.

How to Hack by Sending link Phishing

This is another method that you may want to hire a hacker for, or you can learn it and try to do it yourself. In phishing, you can use corrupted links to lure the target into getting their phone hacked. These links are meant to be appealing to the target, something that they’ll open soon as they see it. It can be a false ad or a link to a different website.

SMS Phishing

Same as the phishing method but instead of the internet, the target phone will be hacked via text messaging. In this method, you or the hacker that you hired will send a corrupted link with infected adware or malware to the target. These links will be designed to be appealing. They’ll be like a message to acquire a prize or someone asking to help them. If the victim falls prey to the hack and goes to the link, their information will be stolen.

Phishing with Malware Apps

Phishing is also done by sending the target malware apps that infect the device and steal information upon download. These apps are either downloaded upon getting into an infected website that involuntarily downloads the app in the device, or the app is disguised as a different app that the victim wants to download. Upon downloading these apps, you can hack into the target phone and view their data.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone to View Through the Camera

You can hack the phone of your target through their camera as well. This is achieved by Nova spy apps. Certain phone spying apps come with a live camera feed that allows you to visually spy on whoever you want. You can turn on the camera to watch live activities on the user’s phone.

Spy apps like Ultimate phone spy, OneSpy app are very popular when it comes to this.

Hack Someone’s Phone With Only Phone Number

You can hack someone’s phone without touching it in another way which is hacking through a phone number. This can also be done with the Nova spy app, but professional hackers usually do this with the help of advanced surveillance apps and with their technical skills. It’ll be difficult for you to achieve hacking through this method, so it’s best to either hire a trustworthy hack to do this job or get a Nova spy app that can do it for you.

Professional Service

Several of these methods are difficult to hack by yourself. So, hiring a professional hacking service to do your bidding might be the safer option. If you mess up with the hacking and your kids, significant other, nanny, friend or whoever you were hacking comes to know what you were doing, it’ll be a big mess, so to avoid such a big risk, hiring a hacker is beneficial. It will cost a bit, but you’ll get your job done.

You need to make sure that the hacker you’re hiring doesn’t hack you instead. The hacker should be both trustworthy, and you should get your money’s worth. There are several different sites that offer a list of hackers to choose from. They have different ratings, their expertise is mentioned, and reviews are given, so you have a clear idea of whom to trust and whom to not. The hackers with the most expertise could cost more than others.

It comes down to two options, basically, if you want to stealthily hack someone’s phone without touching them. These options are either use a spy app, particularly Nova spy, as it has all of the features to hack into a phone or hire a hacker.

hack someone's phone

How to Remove a Hacker From Your Phone

When you suspect your phone has been hacked, all you need is a professional or you can do it yourself.

  • Turn off the internet data
  • Reset your phone if you cannot handle it
  • Turn on google play store if you suspect your android phone is hacked
  • For iPhone, change your iCloud password, email password
  • Find any app that is not supposed to be on your device

There are many ways you can remove a hacker from your android phone. To hack someone’s phone without touching it is not a very difficult thing to do if the techniques explained in this article are used.

Only with a phone number, your phone data can be in someone’s hand without you knowing. One must be observant when using your device because all your personal information is on your device.

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