Who Is Ava Frances Manning? Find Out The Details

Ava Frances Manning

Ava Frances Manning is very popular as the first daughter of the New York Giants Quarterback, Eli Manning, and his wife Abby Mcgrew. Therefore, she’s famous as a celebrity child. Currently, Ava is around 11 years old. Though there are not a lot of details available about her life, she is famous because of her father Eli Manning. 

So, as per the sources, his dad Eli has played for the New York Giants for 16 seasons now. In fact, he has also won Super Bowl twice. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that he got to experience the joy of fatherhood. Yes, in the year 2011, Eli and his wife Abby welcomed their first daughter, Ava Frances Manning into their family. 

Currently, the couple has four kids together and they are a very happy family. Just recently, Eli has called it quits from the NFL. The Giants quarterback has a huge legacy needless to say. However, it’s not that Eli’s the single person in the family who has played football. 

Ava’s uncle Peyton has also played football and also, and her grandfather too has played for 14 years of the NFL. Therefore, we can say that Ava belongs to a family of football players. On the other hand, her mom Mcrgew is famous as a philanthropist. 

So, if you want to know more about Ava Manning, then go through this article. Here we will share a few details about Ava and her family.

Ava Frances Manning Early Life

So, we already know that Ava Frances Manning is the first daughter of Eli and Abby. The New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife Abby Mcgrew on 31st March 2011 welcomed their first baby daughter Ava. 

As per the sources, there’s an interesting fact about Ava’s birth. For instance, Ava Manning wasn’t due until April. However, she arrived early into the world weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces. 

So, the fact that she was born in 2011, must mean that she’s around 11 years old now. Unfortunately, her parents don’t share a lot of stuff about their family. So, that’s why it’s not possible to know the current whereabouts of Ava. For instance, we don’t know which school she goes to, or any other similar details. However, we do know that being the daughter of a celebrity couple, she didn’t have any trouble financially. Her father Eli is a famous footballer while her mother’s a philanthropist, who does social work.

Ava’s Family: Siblings And Parents

So, as we mentioned earlier, Ava belongs to a celebrity family. Her father is famous as a US footballer whereas her mother is a philanthropist. Moreover, we should also note that Ava is not the sole child of her parents. In other words, she has siblings, three of them. 

In the year 2011, Eli and his wife welcomed their first daughter Ava Frances Manning. Two years after in 2013, they welcomed their second daughter, Lucy Thomas. In 2015, Caroline was born. Thereafter, in 2019, the couple welcomed their fourth child, Charles Elisha. So, Ava is the eldest among the siblings. 

On this note, we should also mention that Ava’s father’s name is Eli Manning. He has played as a Quarterback for his team New York Giants in the NFL for 16 years. On the other hand, Ava’s mother Abby McGrew is a philanthropist. 

She’s known for her social work. The couple tied the knot back in 2008 after Eli proposed to Abby in the year 2007. So, they celebrated the wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They are living happily together now.

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Full Name Ava Frances Manning
Real Name
Nick Name
Daughter Of Eli Manning
Birth Year March 21, 2011
How old is? 11 years (as of 2022)
How tall is?
Birthplace (Native) USA
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth
Parents Eli Manning, Abby Mcgrew

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