Most Popular Types of Massage Therapies and the Benefits

Types of Massage

Massages can be of varied styles depending on their expected health benefits. It is said that there are at least 80 different massage therapy styles available. Each one of them may involve different pressures and movements on the muscles. Typical massage therapy includes the fingers and hands to manipulate the muscles by rubbing and pressing them. The health benefits of getting massage therapy are growing popular among the global population. Although massage therapy is highly beneficial to a person’s wellness, certain kinds of massages can be relaxing and improve overall well-being.


some of the most popular types of massage therapies and the benefits rendered by them:


This type of massage therapy involves applying varied intensities of pressure on the hands and feet. This method is meant to profit the other parts of the body significantly. Although there is no solid proof for the same, reflexology has proven to improve the overall well-being of people. However, some studies show that reflexology can even have profound healing effects from chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis. Nonetheless, reflexology has other benefits like reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Deep tissue massage

As the name suggests, deep tissue therapy intends to provide relaxation at deep levels of the muscle tissues. The therapist will surge their fingers into your skin with a significant amount of pressure. This therapy can also help remove the knots in the muscles. These knots are also referred to as myofascial trigger spots. There is no definite reason that causes these muscle knots, but they may form from playing sports, maintaining bad body posture, or heavy muscle use. Hence, deep tissue therapy can effectively cure muscle knots in people.

Hot stone massage

This type of therapy involves applying pressure to the muscles using heated Basalt-made stones or pebbles. The reason why the stones are made from Basalt is that the element is high in iron, which helps retain heat better. The therapists use searing hot water to heat the stones. He/she may use the stones while employing other massage techniques on the muscles. The heat in the stones can help heal any injuries in the muscles and activate blow circulation in the targeted areas. Thus, they reduce the overall discomfort and stiffness in the muscles.

Swedish massage

This type of massage therapy involves much lesser pressure on the muscles than sports or deep tissue therapies. A Swedish massage is very soothing, employing tap-like rubbing or prolonged, deep strokes using moderate or light pressure. This therapy may even involve moving around the hands and legs of the person. The health benefits rendered by a Swedish massage include relief from sore muscles, tension, or pain in the muscles. Moreover, Swedish therapy can also help cure chronic pain in the lower back.

Lymphatic drainage therapy

This therapy involves applying gentle pressure to the tissues in your muscles to activate the flow of lymphatic fluids. These lymphatic fluids help flush out toxins and bacteria from your body, through the lymph nodes. This therapy is curated using long, gentle strokes with moderate pressure to help boost the flow of lymphatic drainage in the body. Also, the therapy enhances the overall wellness of your system.

Sports massage

This type of massage therapy helps athletes or anyone who plays a specific sport. A sports massage is to improve the flexibility of athletes and heal strains in the muscles. Athletes use sports therapies during their training sessions to help avoid injuries.


Although massage therapy can induce several health benefits, it cannot be suitable for everyone. For instance, if a person has wounds or cuts across the body, a therapy like hot stone can simply make them worse. Moreover, it is always better to get therapy performed by a professional massage therapist. An improper massage can worsen the conditions of some people.