Pink Sparkles Early Life, Career, Relationship, and Controversies✨

Pink Sparkles is a well-known Twitch live streamer, Instagram model as well as YouTube and OnlyFans content creator. If you want to know more about her then read this article.

Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkle & Asmongold had a fun time together and had a good connection, but they were unable to take it further, leading their fans to believe that they would soon wed. There are many controversies surrounding them regarding their relationships and break up. In this article we will take a closer look at all of them.

Who is Pink Sparkles?

Izzy “Pink Sparkles” G, a Twitch Streamer from Poland, was born on May 2, 1995. She now lives in California while having been born in Poland. She was a teacher over two years in Poland before switching to League of Legends streaming.

Pink is a popular Twitch streamer as well as a content creator on Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans. She is famous for her amazing appearance and her loud and wild character. Her content is regularly well-liked by her followers, and she has a sizable following on both Instagram and OnlyFans. Her followers like her for her openness to show her beauty and her open attitude.

Pink has been producing content for a variety of platforms for a number of years, but she hasn’t been active on Twitch in a while, and her most recent stream was six years ago. Although she posts her photo on both Twitter and Instagram, she is not very active on these sites.

Pink Sparkles OnlyFans
Pink Sparkles

Early Life

Pink was born Samantha Tom lensen on May 17, 1990, in Canada. She is Stacey’s daughter (mother). Unfortunately, we do not know much about her father. She was reared with her two siblings, Chelsey (elder sister) & Derek (younger brother).

She enjoyed watching television as a child, which inspired her like a gamer. Pink was also among her class’s gifted kids. She was a volleyball, tennis, and basketball player.

She was one of the most gifted kids in her class, and her strongest subjects were mathematics. In 2010, she uploaded her first Video on YouTube about beauty tips, displaying basic haircuts directed for teenagers.

She continued to publish videos from her other 2 YouTube channels, “Pink Barbi Dolly” and “Sockz VS Barbie,” in which she showed strange challenges and style reviews.

Pink Sparkles


Today, the well-known and beautiful YouTuber is ruling on YouTube & Twitch. Pink channels have a large number of subscribers. However, many of her followers and fans are unsure of how it all started. She, like many celebrities, had a rough start.

In 2010, the vlogger posted her debut video on her YouTube channel, Pink Sparkles. She explained how to make simple hairstyles to teens in the video called 3 Simple and Quick Hairstyles for School. The video gained 150 K views and 5K subscribers, and the numbers have continued to rise since.

Pink Sparkles also has two more channels: Pink Barbie Dolls and Sockz VS Barbie. She posts vegan recipes and routine vlogs on the former, while she includes her brother Derek in strange challenges on the latter.

She is an avid gamer in addition to making video for her YouTube channels. Pink is well known for live streaming of video games. Pink also play League of Legends, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft. She has 932 K followers on Twitch.

She has created a profile on OnlyFans where she provides exclusive content after receiving a lot of love from her fans on Twitch. Subscribers must pay $10.50 monthly to use the account. She has so far uploaded 181 photos and videos on the app. Her total number of subscribers is unknown.


The lady is most likely single right now. She has kept her relationship issues private for a long time. She has, however, had at least two known relationships, including Dalton and Zack. 

In 2018, she began dating Zack, a World of Warcraft player better known as Asmongold. Pink Sparkles and Asmongold often known as Zack and Izzy were lovers & popular streamers. Unfortunately, they called it quits on December 12th, 2019.

Pink Sparkles went up about her relationship in a series of tweets, stating that she had been suffering from melancholy and was finally unhappy living with her former boyfriend in Texas. She stated:

My last stream was nearly two months ago. I’ve been dissatisfied in Austin for some reasons. It put me in a profound despair for a period, making it difficult for me to get out and live. So I’ve decided it’s better for me to return to California and focus on myself.

She went on to say that they had divorced, with both sides dealing with personal problems. She did insist, though, that they were still friends.

It’s been tough for us to spend our time together lately while dealing with a number of personal issues, and it’s unfair for us both to continue in this manner. That’s why we’re no longer together but remain to be friends.

Breakup Controversy 

Rumours are spreading about a piece of fire info on Asmongold & Pink sparkles. According to the story, both have gone their own ways due to a breakup. Both had been in relations with one another for more than a year, but the relationship could not last and they had to part ways.

They never discussed their breakup since they had not accepted the love in front of the media. But it is certain that it will terrible because they have always appeared to be so lovely together and so in love with one other.

Asmongold has recently been in the news for a variety of reasons, though he has always been. He was just caught watching his ex’s live stream. This startled his fans and left them with many questions. 

Such as if he still loves Pink Sparkles or how much he misses her. And why doesn’t he go and see her if he misses her? He, a World of Warcraft streamer, was watching his ex’s live stream, albeit he soon closed Pink Sparkles’ stream.

But he hadn’t spoken anything about it. Also, he stated that he does not wish to clarify this. And that whatever happened to him and Pink was, of course, real. He wishes to remain silent. Because he rarely expressed him on social networks and had little faith in these things.


Pink Sparkles, often known as Izzy, is a well-known Twitch Celebrity. She is known for uploading lovely and stunning photos on Instagram and other social media platforms. She generally streams League of Legends, Fortnite, and other games live on Twitch. If you want to know about her and relationship then read this article.

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