Signs Of Cardiac Arrest | Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Signs Of Cardiac Arrest

Certain emergency situations one cannot avoid even if one tries his/her level best to deal with them. Having said that, it is quintessential that one keeps aware of the different Signs Of Cardiac Arrest. As is already known to all, the heart is the ultimate organ. It holds the entire body intact to prevent any malfunctions. Any issues of the heart can further lead to other predictable as well as unpredictable situations.

Most people out there reading this piece have been in a constant state of struggle to keep the heart functioning healthily. However, with growing age and hectic schedule, issues of the heart turn out to be inevitable. Nevertheless, this article has come up to discuss the different dimensions associated with Cardiac Arrest. Certain simple methods to help judge difficult situations are enumerated. Hence, hold on to our grounds as we take you through the journey. Let’s kick start off.

Signs Of Cardiac Arrest | Prevention Is Better Than Cure

People in general opinion, are scared to contract severe and deadly diseases. Similarly, Cardiac Arrest is one such that is mostly undercover. Knowing about the different symptoms can help eliminate the common risk factors. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be another alternative to prevent yourself from incurring such a hazard.

The worst part about this disease is; it usually comes in attacking its prey all of a sudden. However, its signs do not remain hidden. One can notably feel certain discomfort arising in the body before the medical condition creeps up. Some of the severest medical conditions of the heart include Cardiac Arrest, which is different from that of a heart attack. This article is going to deal with all of it in detail.

Signs Of Cardiac Arrest| Understanding The Medical Condition

Even before starting with the detailed overview of each Symptoms Of Cardiac Problems, let us first understand exactly what the medical condition is. As we all know, the heart pumps blood to the rest of the organs in the human body. What if the heart stops doing its job? Yes! You read that right. Based on a general understanding, Cardiac Arrest is nothing other than a situation where the heart stops beating, which in turn stops pumping blood to other organs of the body.

There lies a similar syndrome which is none other than Heart Attack. In these two cases, the similarity is the organ that they target and originate from. Certain specific points of distinction remain, which might not all people are aware about. Hence, the primary difference is that in the case of Heart attacks, the coronary artery is blocked, and blood is prevented from reaching the heart muscle. In certain emergencies, a Cardiac Arrest tends to follow immediately after a Heart Attack.

Heart Conditions Leading To Cardiac Arrest

Nevertheless, there can be multiple Signs Of Cardiac Arrest. But, there are certain specific pre-existing conditions of the heart that act as instigating factors. Let us take a look at those in brief:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Genetic/hereditary issues of the heart
  • Valvular distresses
  • Enlarged heart

These are some of the factors that tend to warn you to contract Cardiac Arrest. However, it is not always necessary that you are meant to witness the same. Though,  when a disease lies through hereditary that may be bothering. If suitable precautions are embarked on, you might even incur the chance to be set free from the hands of the deadly/fatal disease. To know more on the topic, keep reading every bit of this piece and get yourself known on the titbits.

Signs Of Cardiac Arrest | In Detail

The signs lie enumerated in several folds. Let us take a detailed view of each probable sign.

Chest Pain or Discomfort in and around the chest 

Well, this symptom is highly predictable and is most likely to be witnessed by any person developing severe heart diseases. However, in some instances of sudden cardiac arrest, patients do not report any sort of pain before the happening and non-happening of the event. While the heart being the primary organ, it is suggestive that one constantly keeps track of its functioning. Consulting the doctor at regular intervals can help prevent any probable life risks.

Heart Palpitations 

Fluctuations in a heartbeat is a symptom that is evident. Especially during any rigorous physical activity one can witness the same. However, significant fluctuations can be a symptom of heart illness. Palpitations of the heart cause it to beat unnaturally faster, skip heartbeats frequently or even flutter the heart. Multiple factors can further contribute to palpitations. Some of the majorly observed factors are stress, anxiety, excess consumption of substances such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine etc. Certain specific conditions in the body can also lead to heart palpitations. Whatever may be the case, the same needs restoration as early as possible.

Rapid or Irregular Heartbeats

Abnormalities in the heart’s rhythm is another symptom that needs utmost care.  One needs to attempt to prevent unwanted cardiac problems. A fast or irregular heartbeat stops pumping blood into different body organs that leads to cardiac arrest. Nevertheless, when faced with such a situation, do not miss seeing the doctor as soon as possible.

Random Wheezing

It is a matter of fact that the throat is connected to the lungs via the windpipe. Thus, either inflammation or thinning of any area in that tract leads to wheezing. Asthma or similar other chronic diseases tend to lead to an obstruction in the tract. It can lead to shortness of breath, coughs, etc. Hence, such a situation needs avoidance. Nothing works in favor of the heart and can only cause distress.


Though it might not directly relate to cardiac arrest, practicality is a significant symptom. As the heart stops pumping blood to various organs, it is apparent that one might be feeling dizzy. In severe cases, one might even fall unconscious. On observation, one can feel either heart beat or pulse rate. Having said that, there is always a chance that the severest of diseases might come up without showing a valid warning.

Closure | Signs Of Cardiac Arrest

On looking at the different Signs Of Cardiac Arrest, it might initially seem to you as a relief. However, the story does not end here. Even after having known about the signs, one cannot rely on them blindly. Similar symptoms remain present in case of certain other diseases as well. Hence, proper examination is a method that can help reach reliable conclusions. 

What one needs to know is the right time to visit the doctor. When such unpredictable signs show up, one should not miss out on doing the necessary on their part. It may be a cause of pre-existing conditions in the body. Even by heredity or other problems cardiac arrest can happen from any of it. But now, having known of the different aspects, one can quickly try to prevent sudden attacks on themselves or their loved ones.

Thus, taking necessary precautions is advisable to avoid such a severe medical condition. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must. Alongside, physical activities and a healthy diet can work in a positive direction to meet such contingencies. Apart from that, one can also embark on inhibiting a regular checkup habit by visiting a specialist in this field.