Personal Injury Compensation: What Can You Expect?

Personal Injury

You can try to keep yourself protected from accidents as much as possible but you can’t help other people’s negligence. Many injured people suffer through financial loss as well as mental and physical health loss after the irresponsibility of the others. Some people think it’s a waste of time and effort to claim compensation, however, it’s your right and you shouldn’t suffer in any way due to negligence of others while you can get compensated for it to ease your sufferings. For instance, if you live in Fort Lee, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lee can help you get a fair value for your personal injury in a legal and professional manner.

Nevertheless, it’s also essential to know the estimated personal injury claim payout in case you file a lawsuit for compensation to keep you well-prepared ahead of time. Keep reading!

General Damages

General damages basically indemnify an individual for non-monetary damages. Such as, the pain and suffering the injured person had to bear because of the injury.  

For general damages, compensation is estimated on the basis of previous cases with similar scenarios. It is also calculated on the basis of the duration the injured person had to suffer and the effect it is going to have in the future.

For example, a mother who lost her premature newborn due to the hospital’s negligence can claim compensation for the stress, trauma, and depression she had to suffer for years.

Special Damages for Past Losses

These special damages include all the medical expenses that you had to pay out of your pocket right after the personal injury accident. According to Weston Law Office, it’s important to keep all the hospital/medical bills stacked in a file, as it will be used by your attorney to calculate the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

It basically includes everything from travel expenses and medical treatment to assistance while you were not fully recovered from the injury.

Special Damages for Future Loss

If your injury requires you to get medical care even in the future or the injury prevents you from working and earning in the future, you will be financially compensated on the estimates based on these factors.

For instance, lost wages, missed career opportunities, therapies, or any other medical treatment that requires you to spend money down the line.

Personal Injury Claims Payouts  

Although the personal injury compensations are based on the circumstances mentioned above, we have made a list of compensation payouts based on estimates that you can use for your guidance. However, note that every case has its own set of factors that will influence the payouts.

Facial scarring – Depending on the severity of the facial scarring i.e., merely facial scarring to fractures in the face, you can expect to be paid anywhere between $1,600 and $91,350.

Eye injury – From the temporary loss of vision to permanent loss of vision, the estimated compensation is $2,070 to $252,180.

Shoulder injury – For a mild injury like soft tissue damage can be up to $7,410 while for a severe injury like paralysis it can be between $11,980 and $45,070.

Leg injury – A simple leg fracture can compensate you with up to $26,050 whereas removal of one leg or both is between $91,950 and $264,650.

Head injury – For pretty minimal brain damage to severe brain damage, you can expect compensation between $2,070 and $379,100.

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