5 Must-have Components To Include On Your Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Before you can understand what title insurance is and why you might need to to cover yourself, you need to know – what is included in title insurance? One of the best ways that you can choose title insurance for your property is by ensuring that the title insurance has all of the necessary components to operate correctly.

First off, what is title insurance? If you are getting title insurance, this means that you need to have a record of a transaction that occurred with your property. Do you find that you need to sell your house? Do you want to buy another property? If so, you will need to have title insurance so you can have a public record of this change of ownership or transaction. Title insurance allows a title company to search through records to find any problems with a property, such as liens, and correct these problems before they can affect a buyer. 

If you’re buying title insurance for your prospective property, then the owner is in charge of providing the insurance for your business and will have a record for all transactions regarding public records over time. Once the title insurance owner understands how the property has changed hands over the years, they can figure out if your title can be insured.

Lenders vs owner’s title insurance

One of the main components of lender’s or owner’s title insurance is deciding which type you need. There are two types of insurance, and although they are similar and can provide the same security for each owner, you need to know that they cover different people in the insurance. The lender’s title insurance has the borrower in mind – the funds will be raised to help you. The owner’s title insurance is when the homeowners are protected in case the company or seller of the insurance goes against the individual later on in the process.

Warranty Of Title

The next aspect that you need to make sure your title insurance has before purchasing is the warranty of title. This is a document that the seller of the property will provide, showing they are the only person or entity that has the full ownership rights to sell the house. 

Cost Of The Insurance

The next component that you should check is the price. Typically, you will find that the policy costs between an average of $500 to $2,500 depending on the insurer and the provider. 

Choosing The Insurer

The next characteristic that you should take into account when it comes to title insurance is choosing the right provider. You want to make sure they have your best interest at heart and they are not too expensive for your needs!

Figure Out If You Need Insurance

The last aspect of title insurance is figuring out if you really need it – even though the buyer of a property might not need it in terms of law, it will help protect you!


Are you considering using title insurance? When dealing with a purchase as large as a home, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ask yourself these questions before purchasing the policy to ensure you are fully covered.