Why Every Locksmith Should Have a Wafer Lock Pick in Their Toolbox

Wafer Lock Pick

A wafer lock pick is a tool that is used to open wafer locks, which are commonly found in automotive and other types of locks. Wafer locks are different from pin tumbler locks in that they use flat wafers instead of pins to prevent the lock from turning without the correct key. Locksmiths can get useful Locksmith Tools in cheap prices at lockpickmall.com. 

What are Wafer Lock Picks?

A wafer lock pick is designed to fit inside the keyway of a wafer lock and manipulate the wafers so that the lock can be turned and opened. Wafer lock picks typically have a flat, wide tip that is used to move the wafers up and down inside the lock body.

There are several different types of wafer lock picks available, including standard wafer lock picks, dual-sided picks, and rakes. Each type of pick is designed for a specific purpose and can be used to pick wafer locks in different ways.

Wafer lock picks are an essential tool for locksmiths, as they allow for quick and efficient opening of wafer locks without damaging the lock or the surrounding hardware. They are also useful for automotive locksmiths who need to pick locks on cars and other vehicles.

Why Locksmiths Should Have Right Wafer Lock Picks in Their Toolbox?

Having the right tools for the job is essential in any profession, and this is particularly true for locksmiths. Locksmiths rely on specialized tools to open, repair, and install locks, and without the right tools, they would not be able to do their job effectively.

One of the main reasons why having the right tools is important is that it allows locksmiths to work more efficiently. When locksmiths have the right tools, they can complete jobs more quickly, which allows them to take on more work and provide better service to their clients. In addition, having the right tools also helps to minimize the risk of damaging locks or other hardware during the course of a job.

Another reason why having the right tools is important is that it helps to ensure that jobs are completed correctly. Different types of locks require different types of tools, and using the wrong tool can result in damage to the lock or other hardware. By using the right tools, locksmiths can ensure that locks are opened, repaired, or installed correctly, which helps to ensure the safety and security of their clients.

Finally, having the right tools is important for safety reasons. Using the wrong tool or attempting to improvise with tools that are not designed for a particular job can be dangerous, and can result in injury to the locksmith or damage to the lock or other hardware.

In summary, having the right tools is essential for locksmiths to work efficiently, complete jobs correctly, and ensure safety on the job. This is why it is important for locksmiths to invest in high-quality tools, including wafer lock picks, that are specifically designed for their profession.

Benefits of Using Wafer Lock Picks for Locksmiths

Using wafer lock picks offers several advantages for locksmiths, including:


Wafer lock picks can be used to open a variety of wafer locks, including those found in automotive locks, desks, cabinets, and other types of locks.


Wafer lock picks are designed to fit inside the narrow keyway of wafer locks, allowing locksmiths to manipulate the wafers with precision.

Quick Speed

Wafer lock picking can be a quick and efficient method for opening wafer locks, allowing locksmiths to complete jobs more quickly and efficiently.


Wafer lock picking is a non-destructive method of opening locks, meaning that the lock and surrounding hardware are not damaged in the process.


Using a wafer lock pick is often more cost-effective than other methods of opening wafer locks, such as drilling, which can require expensive equipment and result in damage to the lock or surrounding hardware.

Portable Tools

Wafer lock picks are small and portable, making them easy to carry and use on the job.

Overall, using wafer lock picks can save locksmiths time and money while allowing them to open wafer locks quickly and efficiently without damaging the lock or surrounding hardware. This is why wafer lock pick sets are an essential tool for any locksmith who works with wafer locks on a regular basis.

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