11 Best Alternatives To Procreate You Need Right Now


Updated guide to Procreate Brushes Free App, Art has become a much more fluid medium, as it evolved from the traditional approach to the digital medium. Therefore, there are numerous artists out there who are creating wonderful masterpieces on their smartphones or iPad tablet, or computer.  Since drawing has become so easy with multiple drawing apps and software on the market, people are creating wonderful artworks to showcase

So, one such application is Procreate, which is a pretty good medium for digital artists. However, not all can access this, as this Procreate app is iPad exclusive. Therefore., those who are using android smartphones or windows computers, won’t be able to use this application. 

But don’t worry, as there are numerous alternatives to Procreate available. Therefore, you can make pretty cool digital art in no time. So, in this article, we will provide you with some of the best alternatives to Procreate apps. 

Here are the Best alternatives to Procreate that you Need Right Now

To all android and pc users, Procreate is not the sole application that provides access to incredible drawing features. If you are aspiring to be an illustrator, or just trying to find some you can check out these wonderful apps as alternatives. These applications are affordable as well, so now’s the time to up that artist inside you. 

1. Pixelmator 

First on the list is Pixelmator, which is a pretty affordable application for drawing. It’s a wonderful image editing app that also offers a powerful editing tool. However, there’s a downside, as, like Procreate, this application too is only available for iOS devices. Though it’s definitely more affordable than the former. 

Another great feature of this application is, you can edit even 100-megapixel pictures. Moreover, there are varied color ranges and correction tools for you to use. In addition, there are over 100 brushes and paint effects. Furthermore, you can also use multiple layers and layers effects on this app. 

Another interesting feature of this app is, it lets you use all types of active stylus devices. Moreover, you can now easily import and export the files of photoshop. The greatest perk however remains the price, which is really affordable than Procreate. In addition, you can also opt for the 15-day trial to check if it suits your needs. 

2. Infinite Painter

Next on the line is Infinite Painter. Though it may not be as popular as other apps for illustration, it definitely serves its purpose quite well. Moreover, it’s also available to android users, so heads up for that. In fact, for all iPad users, you can also check this app out, as it’s now available for iPads as well. 

So, what’s the cool feature of this app you say? Well, it has more than 80 brushes which you can customize as well. Though the number of brushes is less than Procreate, this app offers you infinite layer support as well. In addition, there are paper textures and other important tools for illustration. 

You can download this application for free on Appstore and Playstore respectively. So, there’s also a 7-day-trial, and after that, you can opt for the in-app purchases. 

3. Autodesk Sketchbook

This is another cool app on our list. It’s really famous among the illustration artists out there. To those who love graphic design, it’s like a quality application. Moreover, you can also download this on your smartphone and draw exquisite pictures. It doesn’t matter if you own an Android or iPhone or Procreate iPad, because it’s available to all of them. 

So, it offers something more than Procreate when it comes to providing maximum canvas size. Though Procreate still has a lot more brushes than this Procreate app. However, Sketchbook provides users with more than 190 brushes that you can customize. Moreover, you can also get a great selection of markers, pencils, and other exclusive tools. 

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We understand that it’s all about precision. Therefore, the traditional rulers of the sketchbook are great to give shape and correct the lines for your drawing. In fact, this app is free to download. However, after a 7-day trial, you may need to opt for the subscription. 

4. Concepts

This name is probably not that uncommon to the users. In fact, those who are using Windows computers may have already come across this name while browsing through the Microsoft store. Well, let us tell you that, top companies like Disney, Apple, and others use this drawing app. In fact, now it’s also available to android as well. So, create some cool doodles and great pieces of artwork. 

You can use varied tools for illustration. Moreover, you can also add multiple layers to your masterpiece. Another cool thing is, you can get this absolutely free of cost. So, download the app and try to create your own masterpiece, and if you want some pro-level options, then there’s always an app purchase available. 

5. Tayasui Sketches

Fifth on the list is Tayasui Sketches, which is available to both iOS and Android devices. This is another cool app for you to sketch wonderful illustrations. So, from the onset, you will get around 20 cool drawing tools. 

Moreover, there are many rulers, color droppers, and brush editors. One of the features of this app is that it lets you create cool acrylic paintings. You can get this application if you want to draw realistic and vivid pictures. So, download this for free, and you can also get that pro subscription edition for more options. 

6. Corel Painter 

Now, this one is a bit different, as it’s for those advanced users out there. Moreover, you can use this software on Windows 10 as well. It has some extraordinary graphic designing tools. So, if you are a pro, and want to make the best use of your system, then you can get this, as it has a wide collection of Procreate Brushes, pattern pens, and a lot of other stuff. 

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To those who are just starting out, they can of course watch some video tutorials from the library. However, it’s really costly, around $430 USD. though you can always check the free trial edition to get a hang of the system. 

7. Adobe Illustration Draw

Next, we have this wonderful app for some in-depth illustrations. In fact, it has some cool tools for you to get started drawing. So, if you want to make nice vectors and digital art in general, you can check this software. 

Moreover, it also has Adobe Creative Cloud as a support system, so you can easily access your works no matter what device you are using. Add to the nice and easy user interface and tools, digital art has become so much easier with this software. Furthermore, you can also use this app on Android and iOS as well. 

8. Ibis Paint X

This is another great alternative to Procreate. In fact, if you are an anime and manga enthusiast, this app is for you, as it has a cool skin tone feature to get that exact same skin tone of your choice. Moreover, you can also customize the panels like a comic. 

All in all, it provides multiple brushes, sketching tools, and color palettes. Therefore, it’s a must-have for digital illustrators. Furthermore, there’s a great community of Ibis Paint artists who can help you. This app is also available to both Android and iOS.

9. Clip Studio Paint EX

Ninth on the list, we have this app which is cool for anyone withdrawing as a hobby. So, you can easily make your dream picture with some cool tools that this platform provides. In fact, it’s easier to draw anime or manga characters using this medium as well.  

It offers multiple layers, pencils, brushes. Though you need to pay a bit, this app is good to have. However, it’s only available to the iOS device for now. Though, the computer version is accessible from windows. 

10. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

If you are expressive in your drawings, then Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of those apps that will provide you with necessary tools, such as a pen, pencil, or even markers. Moreover, through this app, you can draw cool sketches as well. Furthermore, it allows you to use Bluetooth styluses if you have one. 

Though this app has only 14 brush sections, it’s an excellent app as an alternative to Procreate Tutorial. 

11. MediBang Paint

It’s like a haven for comic artists. There are over 700-800 tones and backgrounds. Moreover, with varied choices of brushes and pens, it’s easy now to digitally create your own manga. Moreover, you can also learn a lot through this software. Therefore, if you are a budding artist, then you can surely check this tool out. Moreover, it’s absolutely free to use as well. 

Final thoughts:

Though Procreate App is a good platform for digital illustrators and artists, it’s important to have some alternatives in mind. In fact, this software gives you a wide range of possibilities. So, you can ignite that passion inside you and create wonderful pictures.