Your Guide to a Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover in 5 Steps

Backyard Makeover

In the United States, the landscaping industry earns approximately $93 billion in revenue each year. Clearly, people here have no qualms about investing in their yards. Expensive outdoor upgrades aren’t for everyone, though. 

Have you been considering a backyard makeover? Do you want to make some improvements without having to spend a fortune? If so, keep reading for five backyard design ideas that will look nice and won’t break the bank. 

Add Mood Lighting

You’ve done the hard work of either building a house from scratch or saving up and investing in an older property. Now, don’t you want to just sit down in your backyard and relax?

One way to make your yard more inviting, without spending a lot of money or time, is to add some mood lighting. Invest in some lanterns or a firepit. You can also add some budget-friendly twinkle lights and hang an outdoor canvass art to set an even cozier vibe.

Plant a Vertical Garden

When considering DIY backyard updates, a common idea is to plant a garden. A traditional garden is a lot of work, though, and can be expensive at first. A vertical garden, made by hanging pots or planters from your fence or from a trellis, is a much easier and more affordable approach that still allows you to flex your green thumb.

Stain Your Deck

Do you have an old, dingy deck that is structurally fine but also kind of an eyesore? If so, consider staining or re-staining it. A fresh coat of wood stain will work wonders when it comes to freshening up the deck and giving your whole backyard some much-needed sprucing. 

Add an Outdoor Rug

If you’re on the hunt for cheap patio ideas, don’t underestimate the powerful effect that an outdoor rug can have. Laying down an outdoor rug underneath your patio furniture will help you to define the space and make it look much more inviting. It adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise drab area, too.

Lay Down Mulch

According to the professionals at CLC Landscaping, LLC, laying down mulch in your flowerbeds or in other parts of your yard (around the bushes or trees, for example) is a great way to create a sense of uniformity without spending a lot of money or time.

Mulch helps your backyard to look much more “finished”. It’s good for preventing weed growth, too, and it provides your plants with extra nutrients. 

Are You Ready for a Backyard Makeover?

As you can see, it’s totally possible to do a backyard makeover on a budget. Keep these five backyard ideas in mind and you’ll be amazed at how much better your yard can look. You’ll also be amazed at how affordable these updates can be call Granite Bay garden and tree experts.

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