Oil Massage Therapies And Their Necessity In The Current Lifestyle

Oil Massage Therapies And Their Necessity In The Current Lifestyle

Today’s world is indeed busy, and people are running around as if they have wheels for legs, never really taking a break to care for themselves. It is never too late to understand the importance and the urgency that comes in choosing one’s health over responsibilities in this chaotic ever-speeding life. 

The leading cause of many illnesses these days is the prolonging stress to achieve. One of the many stress management options is to treat one’s body and mind to a calming oil massage, more specifically, a famous practice called the Abhyangam.

Before going into the details of the practice, understanding its origin will be very useful. Ayurveda, an ancient medical practice, is dependent on nature. 

Ayurvedic treatments are known to cure various illnesses that have puzzled the rest of the scientific world. This practice of oil massage or Abhyangam that soothes the entire body stems from a branch of Ayurveda.

The advantages and health benefits of Oil Massage:

1.   Stress Relief:

A good oil massage’s essential property is that it relaxes people’s bodies and minds into a soothing space where it automatically lets go of all the pain and soreness it has been under. 

But most notably, when the body lets go, the mind eventually eases into a place where it does not have to worry about the pending deadlines and hectic work schedules. The saying, “a healthy mind breeds a healthy body” is not baseless but is rooted in facts and experience.

2.   Promotes healthier skin:

Oils are one of the existing elements in the natural balance of the skin. But external factors like excessive exposure to sunlight, dust, etc., and unhealthy food habits might create an imbalance of these oils, thereby making the skin dry and devoid of the essentials necessary for good skin health. 

Applying oil and rubbing it in comforting strokes will renew the balance and make sure the skin feels healthy and supple. It also improves blood flow, so the skin looks glowy and more beautiful. 

3.   Relaxes muscles strain and cramps

This generation is engaged in an unnecessary competition of who works the hardest and the longest. This often leads to workers having to sit in one place for long hours of the day. The lack of movement in bodies makes the muscles stiffen and can eventually lead to severe aches. 

Frequent deep tissue massages can relax the skin and focus on the trigger points that coerce muscles into relaxation and growth. There is an evolving therapy in medical science called trigger point therapy where specific muscles are compelled into action by external pressure. 

The pressure activates the muscles, and the massage aims at supporting injured or weak joints. The stronger the muscles, the lesser the number of injuries or aches.

  1.   Removes toxins from the body

The lymphatic system is highly responsible for toxin removal from the body and comes second only to its main toxin expelling center – the liver. Some medical factors may reduce the efficiency of the lymphatic system, thereby causing an accumulation of unwanted toxins in the body. 

However, bodies react immediately and try to push out the toxins through diarrhea, sneezing or coughing fits, vomiting, excess sweat production accompanied by a strong body odor, etc. If the accumulation exceeds, warm oils applied in the direction of the lymphatic system creates a more effective and enjoyable toxin cleansing. 

Of course, there are ‘n’ numbers of benefits that one could keep adding to the list of benefits of an excellent relaxing oil massage. The time that one dedicates to getting an abhyangam is never a waste. 

One needs to step away from other commitments to focus on their health and recharge their batteries. This helps to perform better when they make a return to these commitments.

Still, most people forget to pause and reflect upon themselves and their needs. They fixate on the goals society has laid for them, i.e. to run behind materialistic achievements and happiness. 

From seeking help from a professional therapist to engaging in self-care, all types of therapies were underrated all these years. However, these days people are slowly getting into situations where they end up empathizing and understanding the importance of therapy and self-care. 

They are gradually coming to terms with the fact that unwinding, taking things slow, and getting a massage once in a while, is as important as working hard. The most important goal in one’s life should be to cultivate a state of inner peace because only peace begets joy.

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