The Death Of Pregnant Mom Kiara Hawkins: Find Out How She Died And Learn The Details Of The Incident

Kiara Hawkins
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Recently, a nine-months-pregnant teen lost her life in a family gun massacre. As per the sources, the pregnant lady Kiara Hawkins was just 19 years old met before she met her death. In fact, the gunfire killed not only her but other members of her boyfriend’s family as well. So, this gunfire took place in Indianapolis, Indiana on a fine Sunday.

The reporters have mentioned that a teenage boy unleashed a hail of bullets. So, that teenage boy with his firearm killed his parents and two siblings. The police have gathered the info that his father had yelled at him for going out of the house without his permission. This is the reason that made him lose his mind and enact such a deplorable crime.

One of the friends of the family told the reporters that the father of Kiara Hawkins lived at the house but not the gunman. Moreover, the mother of Kiara has expressed her anguish and grief over this crime. She has even termed this act as a senseless act of violence.

So, if you wish to know more about this incident then check out this article. Here you will find some riveting facts about the gunfire incident and the reaction of the mother.

Kiara’s Mother’s Anguish

Kiara Hawkins’ mother has met a tragedy as the bullets have pierced her nine-months pregnant daughter. She told the media that Kiara was her everything. Everything that Kiara taught her made her the woman she and mom she was. In fact, she has expressed her grief and said how much she misses her dear daughter.

As per the sources, it’s also worth noting that Rhonique has set up a GoFundMe fundraising page for her daughter and Grandson’s funeral. In fact, the fundraising page even has a photo of Kiara Hawkins cradling her baby bump.

Her mother wrote, “My daughter Kiara and unborn grandson (BabyK) was taken away from me due to a senseless act of violence…I wasn’t prepared for anything like this to happen.”

Apart from Kiara Hawkins’ death, there were other people who lost their lives due to the gunshot massacre. They were kezzie Childs, Raymond Childs, Elijah, and Rita. In fact, Elijah and Rita were sons and daughters of Raymond & Kezzie Childs.

Moreover, there was another person, a 15-year-old boy, who ran down the street despite suffering from a gunshot. So, he called the 911 number and reported to the police the whole incident.

The Survivor And The Cause Of The Incident In A Nutshell

As we said earlier, a 15-year-old boy survived the attack and he then called the police. Moreover, the report says that he identified his older brother as the shooter. In addition, he told the cops how his older brother killed his entire family. As per the reports, the police have arrested the 17-year-old suspect 25 miles away in Plainfield.

So, according to the younger brother, his older brother flipped after his father Raymond rebuked him when he came home late. Actually, he went out without his permission, and then Raymond said that he’d punish him later on. So, after that moment, the mayhem occurred as the younger brother heard a series of gunfire upstairs.

He said that his older brother “…came down the stairs with a Draco gun, a handgun that shoots rifle rounds, and started shooting’. So, after that, he fled into the street and his brother fired after him as he ran. He went to the hospital in critical condition. The police have assured the mother of Kiara Hawkins and the younger brother of swift justice to them.