Siren Season 4 Release Date, and Other Updates From Official Sources


Are you in love with mythical creatures too? If yes, then series like Siren should be on top of your watch list. I can bet that once you complete 3 seasons of Siren, you will also spend your nights watching videos and reading blogs about mythical creatures. 

Anyway, Siren lovers should find a chair for themselves, because the franchise has decided to launch Siren season 4. Now, you’ve fallen! That’s why I told you to sit on a damn chair. 

Those of you who have dropped on this blog post out of nowhere, and who’s not familiar with Siren should know this. Siren web series has more than 1.54 million of audience. If I had to sum this series in a single sentence, I would say a fisherman finds a mermaid, and the government does every possible thing to keep him shut.

Siren scored a whopping 92% Audience score on rotten tomatoes. Read on to stay updated about things like, cast, plot, and more.

Will Siren season 4 ever come out?

Yes! Freeform officially confirmed that, Siren season 4 release date will be 22 September 2022. COVID-19 has affected many movies and series launches, and Siren is no exception. Just like other entertainment pieces, Siren was about to release in November 2021, but now the pandemic has changed the situation.

But Siren fans should take this with a grain of salt. It is confirmed that Siren season 4 will come out. However, the dates can fluctuate.

Is the show cancelled?

When the show was delayed, most fans were disappointed and all of us thought that the show was cancelled. No! Just the release is delayed. According to the release date, Siren season 4 will come out on Thursday, 22 September, 2022.

Siren season 4 episodes list

The name of the episodes are still not out. But yes, there’s substantial data about when each episode will come out. The table below will help you out;

Episode number Siren Season Release Date
S4EP1 September 22, 2022
S4EP2 September 22, 2022
S4EP3 September 29, 2022
S4EP4 October 6, 2022
S4EP5 October 13, 2022
S4EP6 October 20, 2022
S4EP7 October 27, 2022
S4EP8 November 3, 2022
S4EP9 November 10, 2022
S4EP10 November 17, 2022


Siren season 4 trailer

Here’s the trailer for those of you guys who want 100% confirmation.

What’s the plot for Siren season 4?

Spoiler alert! I have revealed the plot below. If you wish to feed your curiosity, then, you’re welcome to read this. 

Siren season 3 was epic, but Ben is still unknown. Ryn’s baby was fine. A war broke out in the atmosphere. Fans were guessing that there will be some fighting between merpeople(mermaids and mermen), in the summer. 

In season 3, we never got to know what Ted’s been doing on the other side. If you’ve watched the entire episode, you would have remembered the finale. The focus was on saving Hope( Alix west Lefler ) and the rest of the town. Because Tia( Tiffany Lonsdale ) and mermaid tribes would have annihilated them. 

Tia’s desire was to exterminate all human existence on earth. Tia would have been successful on her evil pursuit. But Ryn shocked her with more people in her army. A war broke out, bloodshed happened. Ryn and her people won while Tia ended up being dead and defeated. Tia’s body sank into the depths. Now, the merpeople became loyal to Ryn.

Ben played his mind cards and benefited from the situation. He infiltrated Tia’s underwater prison, and somehow saved Hope. But the mer-people were on guard. Ben may have won against the mer-guards, but the finale showed his body floating in water.

Nevertheless, season 4 will open up the mystery box. In season 4, we may see Ryn leading merpeople and human beings, to fix all damage caused by the war.

Furthermore, she might train her daughter Hope because she needs to fight too. Ted will need his own time because Ben’s powers are still new for him. And last but not the least, a new villain can be seen.

Siren season 4 cast

There’s no information about the introduction of new actors. We may get a new actor for the villain. Aside from that, the cast will stay the same as season 3.


Siren Season 4 Release Date is confirmed, 22 September 2022. The trailer is out. Fans are getting impatient, but all that waiting will be worth it once we get to watch all the amazing episodes of season 4.