The Best Age For Pregnancy: When You Should Become a Mother?

Best Age For Pregnancy

Being a woman, becoming a mother is perhaps one of the most priceless moments of one’s life. This is because becoming a mother means that you are creating a new life. However, there is a general doubt and debate about what is the Best Age For Pregnancy. With pregnancy, the biological clock keeps on ticking constantly. If you listen to biological studies, you will find that being a mother requires financial stability and more maturity. 

Gynaecologists are of the opinion that becoming pregnant at an early age is perfect for many reasons. Firstly, a young age means that you will be high on energy. Moreover, blood pressure is generally less during that period of time. However, at a younger age, financial stability might be a problem. Whereas, growing up brings more financial stability. However, with age, health complications also increase. Therefore, if you are looking to know about the best age to become a mother, then this article is the perfect stop for you.

Different Age Brackets For Pregnancy

There is a division of opinion regarding the perfect age for pregnancy. Therefore, here are some opinions for mothers of various age brackets to follow:

1. Younger Than 20 Years

A study shows that many girls under the age of 20 years start thinking of pregnancy. However, biologically speaking, this is not the perfect age for that. The reason behind this is the unstable hormonal levels at this age. Moreover, if you conceive at this young age, you might develop some serious health complications as you grow up. Moreover, the maturity level is also low at this unripe age. Therefore, it is better to avoid pregnancy if you are under 20 years of age. 

Different Age Brackets For Pregnancy

2. 20 To 24 Years

This age group is very significant for women. This is because most women grow sufficiently fertile by this age and therefore the chance of getting pregnant is very high in this age bracket. Thus, if you are opting for sexual intercourse at this age, you should be very watchful. Research shows that the incidents of unplanned pregnancy are very high in this period. 

3. 25 To 29 Years

This is the age group in which most women get pregnant. Women’s fertility level is great at this time. Moreover, in this age bracket, women mostly grow more mature and confident. In addition, the energy levels are also high in this period. Therefore, if you are talking about the perfect time for pregnancy, then this seems to fit into the bill in the most perfect manner. 

4. 30 To 34 Years

The age bracket of 30 to 34 years, is a period when most women get busy with their careers. Moreover, health complications start to set in from the age of 30. Therefore, if you are thinking of conceiving after 30, then you should be careful. 

20 To 24 Years

5. Over 35 Years

This age bracket is a very sensitive one from the point of view of health issues. Health complications at this age include the likes of placental problems, diabetes, placenta previa and many others. Therefore, it is not a very wise decision to opt for pregnancy in this age bracket. 

Concluding Lines 

Therefore, it seems that the younger you are better the time for conceiving. However, being younger than 20 years you should not opt to get pregnant. On the other hand, if you are over 35 years old, then also pregnancy can be problematic due to increasing health complications. Therefore, it is better to get become a mother in the middle age category. 


1. Is it safe to conceive under the age of 20 years?

No. If you are under the age of 20 years, it is not advisable to get pregnant. 

2. Which age bracket is the most favourable for pregnancy?

The age bracket of 25 to 29 years is perfect for pregnancy.

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