Here’s Why You Should Use 3-D Earthwork Take-Offs Before a Major Construction Project

3-D Earthwork

In the construction industry, an earthwork take-off is something contractors need to know the precise quantity of materials that will need to be added, removed or moved to achieve the desired topography for a construction project. As a result, contractors can calculate how much material is required, create an estimate and submit a quality bid.  

Without an earthwork take-off, you will be launching a project blindly, and so many things can go wrong – including making serious miscalculations. That said, there are two types of take-offs, being manual and digital. An entirely manual take-off typically involves going through old topographic surveys of a site by hand and comparing them to the construction design. With this information, they can proceed to estimate how much material will be needed to make up for the difference. 

As you can tell, the process is extremely lengthy and tiresome. So, most contractors today prefer digital takeoffs, where specialized software is used to handle the whole process quickly and seamlessly. Now, the next level of digital take-offs is, without a doubt, 3-D Earthwork Take-Offs. 

Here’s why:

They Provide Better Project Visualization & Estimation

Now, while 2D take-offs will still serve the basic purpose, it lacks in one area- visualization. That means you will have all the data you need in 2D drawings but can only visualize the design in its entirety visually. With 3D take-offs, you get three-dimensional models that will help you get a vivid scope of the project.

You can look at the entire project from any side and quickly zoom in on smaller, precise details within the models. A 3D take-off allows you to assess what’s already been designed and what is missing that should be included to provide a more accurate estimate.

They Give You Credible Data with Little Chance of Oversight

A quality take-off process translates to a more accurate estimation and quality bid for a contractor eyeing a considerable construction project. With 3D take-offs, you can see the project in its entirety before estimating materials, labor and any other costs. This minimizes chances of oversight and allows you to be more open and honest with your clients. And this builds your credibility and track record as a contractor. 

Here at Affordable Site Model, Inc. we build highly accurate 3-D Earthwork Take-Offs, by utilizing the best software in the industry. We take two dimensional plans and or cadfiles and turn them into three dimensional data that we can extract valuable data

They Allow Easy Collaboration Within the Team

3D take-offs allow key stakeholders to work together seamlessly in achieving a project’s goals. This is possible through leveraging the latest software and technological tools in space. So, not only can team members share their input and make enhancements, but they can also easily track changes in the models throughout the project design and construction stages.

This real-time communication and collaboration among team members is a feature you won’t find in traditional take-off methods.

Get Accurate 3-D Earthwork Take-Offs to Competitively Bid on Huge Construction Projects

The take-off is not the easiest or most intriguing part of the construction process. However, it is one of the most important stages. With the 3D earthwork take-off, you can develop the proper budget and timeline, ensuring you maintain good profits. So, invest in accurate earthwork take-offs that you can trust!

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