Octakuro – Everything You Need to Know About Amateur Model


Octakuro is a Russian cosplayer, model, and actor. On October 19, 1993, she is born with in Russian Federation and she is 28 years old. Additionally, she has over 200 thousand Followers on social media. In 2018, she began her career as an artist. In this article we will be talking about her childhood, interests, career and net worth.

Octakuro Wiki

Octakuro is a Hong Kong-based Russian-Chinese actor. She is 27 years old (born on October 19, 1993), & her birthday is also on October 19. She was born in the Japanese city of Tokyo. Guan Liang Wang is his full name. Guan Jiang Wang, her Virgo brother, is her zodiac sign. She speaks and sings Mandarin and Cantonese well. In addition to performing, he enjoys singing, painting, and dancing.


Because she was taught at an international school, she speaks English well and Mandarin to some level. While he was born in China for the most of his childhood, he later went to Canada before settling in Korea.

She grew up watching all Japanese anime & Hong Kong dramas. When Korea time came to apply for the KBS2 television drama School 2017, everyone was happy to know that they cast a real native speaker rather than someone else attempting to make their better accent during tests.

Her actual height is around 5’9.5″. She said that she was eager to grow taller when she grew older. Emily has grown quite a bit since then, considering that the typical stature for a 19-year-old adult is roughly 5’4″. 

She wants to be at least an inch taller than she is now by the time she is 21. Others have speculated whether Octakuro might someday add some false shoes to make herself taller so that everybody can adore, but I think we can all agree that won’t happen with Emily.

Family and Early Life

About his family history, she came from a middle-class household including both of her parents living separately from her. We can tell from her appearance that she might be foolish at times and may have dealt with her weight as a child.

A theory might be that when growing up throughout primary school, she got teased for being too tiny, to the point that it could definitely result in sorrow because she had no friends near her. She is a person who never quits up on some after failing once, and she has won at least once, which had to be putting on weight.

Family and Early Life

But, being confident is difficult since people do not trust you if you appear weak; hence, putting yourself there knowing others may look down on you. As if you aren’t capable enough, everything will always be difficult, leading us to the conclusion that victory never comes easily.

She has made clear that her family is not angry since they can always attempt to have children later, but she has also said that taking such much money out of them is wrong. That simply strengthened their resolve to never give up when seeking something significant.

Before Becoming Famous

Octakuro became popular as an artist, having begun her career as an actor. She has been in many films, including From Twilight Till Dawn (2014), The Very last Witch Hunter (2015), and Jack’s Back (2016). Also, she has also been on TV programmes such as Blue Bloods, People of Interest, & Modern Family.

She became keen in music videos after taking interest in dancing. Her debut collaboration has been with Diplo on Dog town, his 2015 hit alongside Skrillex. She has since agree to work on music by D.J. Snake & Cashmere Cat, both of which include M & SOPHIE. Her career as a model recently took off after Carine Roitfeld highlight her in Magazine Paris.

She got a deal with IMG Models on May 30, 2017, becoming the agency’s second open model. They presently represent her for beauty activities, but there are intentions to represent her for acting and singing as well.


She’s been internet sensation Logan Paul, pro surfer Danny Davis, & country music singer Hunter Hayes. She once said that she had been sent to Stanford but withdrew since she wasn’t going to find friends and fit in as a famous kid. Nevertheless, following study found neither proof of any application being filed nor acceptance despite various rumours making appearances online stating otherwise.

There is no proof that she ever went to UCLA, North Mount High School (NMH), or graduated from NMH. There are also claims that she was caught in Florida on New Year’s Eve 2017/2018 for marijuana possession. While these are unproven accusations at the present moment, they have led people to speculate whether any of them may lead to legal ramifications in the future. However, she keeps posting strange photographs on Instagram.

Social Media and Career

She has a large social media following, with over 4 million followers across Twitter, Fb, Instagram, and YouTube. She has also over one thousand post across all of her profiles on social media. These big figures indicate that she is consistently active with her admirers. 

Furthermore, Octakuro constantly invites fan connection by hosting events wherein she randomly picks people who follow back or earn special attention on her videos.

Her fans feel close to her because social media allows them to interact with her on a number of different levels; it’s not just single way she connects with her admirers. Nonetheless, there is a trade between both in which both sides engage in order to find out more about each other.

After leaving her homeland in Russia at the age of 17 to go to school in Bangkok, Thailand. She chose to make the most of her time there by establishing a model career. She made it big with various brands within months of being in Bangkok (despite continuing her education).

Octakuro Interest in Modelling 

She got familiar with stylish goods ranging from designer to daily wear because she began appearing at a young age. Her passion for fashion motivates her clients to be creative while dressing up for photos. She is well-known in both Asian and Western nations for her distinctive face shape, which captivates spectators. 

As an Academy High School student, she takes part in local model events as a pastime. And due to this she became known on social media as a result. Because of her success, she left college and became an exclusive model for Star Promo (stardust-promotion). It is one of Japan’s biggest idol management firms.


Octakuro is a one of the biggest cosplayer from Russia with millions of followers across multiple platform. In addition, she post content on Instagram about her daily life as a model. Her net worth is believe to be around 2-3 million USD due to relation with prominent brands and businesses. To know more about her in detail, read this article.

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