Know About Some of the Fascinating Aspects of PSY’s Supportive Wife: Yoo Hye-Yeon

Yoo Hye Yeon

The name Yoo Hye Yeon might sound a bit unfamiliar to you but if we say that we are talking about the celebrity PSY’s wife, then you can surely recognize her. Well, apart from that the pretty celebrity wife is also a costume designer and manager.

The South Korean fashion designer came into the spotlight after her marriage to the famous celebrity pop singer PSY. So do you want to know more about the life of this attractive celebrity wife? This article will provide you with every detail associated with this celebrity. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dig in!

A Short Biography

Since a lot of our readers are curious to know more about this South Korean celebrity we will discuss it right here. Yoo Hye Yeon mainly rose to prominence after she married Park Jae-Sang a.k.a PSY. The young celebrity was born on 10th March 1989 in South Korea. Therefore she is currently 32 years old. Yoo Hye-Yeon is of Korean nationality. 

However, we do not come to know much about her parent’s or siblings’ identity. There is also no information about her early life or childhood days as well. 

Education & Career

As far as her education is concerned, Yoo Hye studied at Yonsei University in Seoul. It is from here she completed her graduation with a degree in Cello. 

Although the pretty celebrity has also not revealed anything about her professional and work life. In fact, she rarely makes public appearances. However, as per sources, she is a trained violinist. Along with that she also helps PSY by designing his costumes as well as works as his manager. 

It is in fact, due to her immense support that her husband is able to manage his profession so well. Moreover, she also convinced PSY to join the label YG Entertainment, after his military service ended in 2010. It was because of it that he has gained such popularity.

Personal Life

Do you know how Yoo Hye-Yeon and her celebrity husband PSY met each other? Take a glance here. As per the news, they met each other through a common friend. It was in fact, love at first sight for them. As we say age does not matter when you are head over heels in love with your partner. Well, a similar case happened here as well. There is a huge age difference between Yoo Hye Yeon and PSY. Yoo Hye-Yeon is younger than her husband by 12 years.

Finally, after dating each other for 3 long years, the lovebirds finally decided to get married. 

It was on 14th October 2006, the couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in the presence of loved ones. They also became proud parents to two lovely twins. Despite their huge age difference, there are no rumors of their separation or divorce. 

How is Her Life After Marriage?

The celebrity couple is still very much in love with each other. Therefore even after 26 years of their marriage, their bonding is very strong. Yoo Hye-Yeon has indeed done an excellent job as a wife in keeping up with the life of her celebrity husband. Many young couples can actually take inspiration from their strong relationship. 

As nowadays divorce among celebrity couples is a common issue. Therefore both Yoo Hye-Yeon and the ‘Gangnam Style’ singer PSY have set a remarkable example in front of celebrity couples. Age did not create any sort of barrier in their relationship. Rather it is Yoo Hye-Yeon who plays a great role from behind the curtains in making her husband famous. She pursued him to give wings to his dreams. Now you can clearly see the level of PSY’s popularity!

Why Was PSY Arrested?

Are you wondering what led to the famous singer’s arrest? Let us look into it. Yoo Hye-Yeong’s husband was caught for the possession of marijuana in 2001. Therefore he was fined and sentenced to 25 days in jail. At that time PSY was also unable to attend his grandfather’s funeral or bid him his last goodbyes. 

Net Worth

Despite being a celebrity wife, Yoo Hye Yeon is immensely successful in her own world. She is in fact a reputed fashion designer as well as a violinist. Therefore she earns quite a decent amount of money. As per reports, her net worth is around $500k. However, her celebrity husband has a huge net worth which is around $60 million. 

Final Thoughts

So you can well understand that PSY is indeed lucky to have a supportive wife like Yoo Hye Yeon. If not for her he would have never been able to pursue her dreams. Yoo Hye-Yeon lives happily with his family in South Korea, in a luxurious apartment. She is also a doting mother at the same time.