Famous Places in Jaisalmer: Perfect Tour Plan For The Golden City

Famous Places in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is a very popular tourist location in India and you’ll find many Famous Places in Jaisalmer. The place offers you a peek into its rich history and culture. Moreover, if you wish to have a desert experience, then also this city has a lot to offer. The city is famous as the Golden City and welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year from around the globe. You would be surprised to know that the city also houses one of the few ‘living forts’ in the world. It is the famous ‘Golden Fort’.

Therefore, these hints suggest that this is a place which you should visit at least once. However, planning a perfect tour of this city might be a difficult one as it has so many places to visit. Therefore, before you pack your bags, you need to chalk out a proper tour plan and that is why we are here to help you. It is ideal to prepare for a four-day trip to Jaisalmer and thereby divide the places to see per day. This article will take you through a hassle-free four-day tour plan for Jaisalmer. 

Jaisalmer Tour Plan

Jaisalmer Tour Plan

Day 1

  • Patwon Ki Haweli

Though it is named a single haveli, the building comprises six separate havelis and is the largest one in the city. Guman Chand Patwa, a famous jewellery and brocade trader built this huge building back in 1805. All the arches and gateways contain rich paintings and mirror works. It has 60 balconies and took over 50 years to complete. One section of this building houses a museum. 

  • Jaisalmer Fort

This is by far one of the prime tourist attractions of the city of Jaisalmer. However, this is not like a traditional historic monument. Rather it is a living fort, which means that a large number of people still reside within the walls of this fort. There are many shops inside it. At the same time, it is rich in history.

  • Nathmal Ki Haveli

This is yet another haveli in the city which attracts tourists from around the world. However, you need to either trek or take camel safaris to reach this place. 

Day 2

Day 2

  • Bada Bagh

This is a cemetery which has many cenotaphs. Moreover, there is also a small temple in memory of the deceased people buried here. The place also has a lake and it is really wonderful. This lake is created by a dam which has recently been built and thus the place remains green throughout the year.

  • Salim Singh Ki Haveli

This is yet another haveli in the city and is made entirely out of stone. The structure is marvellous and has a peacock-shaped roof.

  • Gadisar Lake

This lake is remarkable for two temples which are located in the middle of the lake. The temples seem as if they are floating on the water of the lake. This place is a great one during the early mornings and evenings. 

Day 3

Day 3

This is the day when you should go for the desert adventure. The camel ride through the Thar desert is one of the most famous activities in this place. The desert has some iconic places for you to visit.

  • Longewala Border

This is a legendary place which witnessed a valiant fight of a few hundred Indian soldiers against a full battalion of the Pakistani army. You must visit this place, though the real border is some distance away from here. 

  • Tanot Mata Mandir

This temple is also a miracle in itself. The Pakistan army tried to destroy this temple during the famous battle of Longewala. They even dropped bombs. But they were unable to destroy it.

  • Sam Sand Dunes

This is the place where you can find beautiful and large sand dunes. To reach this place, you will have to take camel safaris overnight.The journey and the place will seem like a movie set.

Day 4

Day 4

  • Kuldhara

This is a haunted village. The legends tell that the former residents of the village cursed this village that after their exile, no one else would be able to live there. To date, the village is deserted. You can see remains of the houses and streets even today. 

The rest of the day you can spend in the city visiting the shops and buying various souvenirs and famous local clothes and jewellery before you pack your bags for a return journey.


1. Which is the best time to visit Jaisalmer?

October to March is the best time to visit Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

2. How many days would be ideal to visit the city properly?

Ideally, a four-day trip is enough to cover the city. Read this article for a detailed tour plan.

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