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Allegra Versace

Allegra Versace Beck is a well-known Italian heiress and socialite. Also, since 2011, she has been working as the director of Gianni Versace S.p.A. Now her age is 35. She is a great theatrical dresser too, and she comes from a fashionable background. Do you know that she is the niece of Gianni Versace? He is the creator of the fashion luxury brand Versace. That is why Allegra Versace also has his genius in her works. She also spent lots of time with her uncle when he was alive. You can find out all the details about Allegra Versace’s early life, personal life and other details here. 

A Short Bio:Wiki On Allegra Versace

Name Allegra Versace Beck
Alternate Names –
Nick Name –
Italian socialite
Birth Year June 30, 1986
How old is? 36 years (as of 2022)
How tall is? 1.65 m (in feet inches- 5′ 5″)
Gender Female
Birthplace (Native) Milan, Italy
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Education The British School of Milan – Sir James Henderson, Brown University, University of California, Los Angeles
Daniel Versace
Net Worth $900 million
Parents  Donatella Versace, Paul Beck
Spouse –
Children –
Instagram –


Early life 

Allegra Versace’s mother is Donatella Versace, who is an Italian Fashion designer. Also, her father is ex-fashion model Paul Beck. She is the niece of fashion designer Gianni Versace. She grew up in Milan, Italy and had a younger brother named Daniel. 

Her family was close with Sir Elton John. That is why he gave her a piano, but she revealed that she never played it. Also, her uncle Gianni helped her to get a lifelong passion for ballet. He introduced her to Maurice Béjart. 

Allegra Versace

Then Versace went to The British School of Milan. She was guarded tightly when she went to school. After the completion of secondary education, she attended Brown University in Rhode Island. After that, in 2006, she got enrolled at UCLA. Also, in school, she studied French, art history, and theatre. 

Her struggle with anorexia nervosa

Allegra Versace struggled with the eating disorder. She suffered from anorexia nervosa while she was studying in the US. Also, she is the topic of constant gossip that affected her. That is why she hated to live in Los Angeles at times. But still, she has some good moments where she worked as a dresser for Rupert Everett in Blithe Spirit. But her ailment made her shy away from cameras because she looked thin and undernourished. Yet still, she now manages it and is fully focusing on her career. 

How is Allegra Versace’s family life? 

Allegra was born with a silver spoon. She is the legacy of her family. Her mother, Donatella Versace, is a famous designer in Italy. That is why from a young age, Allegra received a lot of exposure to fashion. Also, she has found many new fashion designs for her company. 

In her preschool days, Allegra was decked up in silk by her mother. But the other kids in the school bullied her for the dresses. Even the school management asked the Versace family not to dress Allegra in silks. 

How she got the family inheritance? 

Allegra Versace was eleven years old when she saw on TV the news about the death of her dear uncle Gianni. He was fatally shot outside his Miami mansion in 1997. This was a great shock to the Versace family. Also, this incident affected Allegra, so her mother sought the help of counsellors to help Allegra. 

After Gianni’s death, his Versace Empire was split between his family members. When Allegra Versace turned eighteen, she got 50% of Gianni Versace S.p. A. Then her mother owned 20% of it. Also, Allegra’s uncle Santo Versace already had 30% of the company. But because of the long-standing issue in the family, the remaining 50% of the shares went to Allegra, which her uncle bequeathed to her. 

That is why Allegra, at a young age, became the heir of millions of dollars. She was legally able to get the full share of her inheritance at 18. But she only participated in the business when she became 24. She was the golden girl of his uncle and proved it through her various plans for the Versace brand. 

What is the net worth of Allegra Versace? 

Allegra Versace is one of the richest personalities in Italy as she is the 50% owner of the Versace brand. Also, she is nearly a billionaire. Now she has a net worth of $800 million. She is a smart cookie. This is because she knows how to manage her business from a very young age. According to her parents, she is a bookworm. So she likes to educate her mind by extensive reading. 

Even though she was a recovering anorexic and sought medical help, she never stopped fighting it. At the age of 24, she started focusing on the brand that her uncle built. Now she is carrying forward his legacy along with the help of her mother. 

She owns properties in New York, Milan and Los Angeles. Therefore she splits her time between these places. 

Is Allegra Versace gay? 

Many gossip columns say that Allegra is gay. But there is no certainty on this issue. This is because her uncle was supporting gays when he was alive. Versace is also not dating anyone right now. So we cannot say if she is gay or not. 


Allegra Versace is a bold woman. Even though she faced many problems, she never backed out.

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