Why Is Handmade Jewelry Far Superior To Machine-made Or Mass-produced Jewelry?

Handmade Jewelry Far Superior

The fall/winter season has arrived in the world of jewelry. These are part of our outfit and give the touch of elegance that we look for so much. Each occasion requires a different jewel. Jewelry has undoubtedly been the best ally of many families to overcome or at least cope with this aggressive and long-lasting economic crisis. The sale of jewelry products with family tradition has resulted in financing and obtaining cash, with the aim of covering the numerous contingencies and needs of crisis periods.

It should be remembered that in the last 10 years, the price of gold has increased in value up to 4 times and diamonds, likewise, have been revalued. But it is important to know that the only gold with true value is 18 karat or 750 millimeters, not low gold. As with diamonds, only the best quality diamonds have clearly increased in price. This, as other investments have been devalued and their sale paralyzed, such as housing or antiques. In addition, jewelry in gold and platinum or diamonds and precious stones can be worn without detracting from its value, since, apart from the design itself, they are truly valuable materials.

But there is always the question of which one is more recommended: handmade or machine-made. There has always been controversy about it, which might really give jewelry lovers a headache, no matter how long they wear their jewelry. After all, the most valuable jewels in the world are those that are made by hand. Art cannot be judged by a price and although in most cases the material of which the jewelry is made determines everything. Jewelry is actually a combination of raw materials and art. 

When you think of handmade jewelry such as a unique handcrafted jewelry, one of the first things that strike you is how much care and attention the craftsman put into creating that particular piece. That’s the fact! 

This, in my honest opinion, is the number one reason why artisan jewelry is better than mass produced jewelry. Buying a piece of artisan jewelry means that you literally get a piece that is one of a kind and that somehow carries a part of the creator because of the love and dedication that has gone into making the item. An item that has been created by the craftsman’s own hands and not a piece of machinery in some factory.

Rather than buying mass-produced jewelry and promoting large corporations that often don’t seem to engage in fair trade practices, one should support small businesses of artisans who want to share their crafts with the world. It takes a craftsman a considerable amount of time to create a beautiful masterpiece as opposed to machines that can produce thousands, if not more, of pieces a day. Needless to say, the quality is higher in the craftsman’s work because it is not done on such a massive scale of production.

Another reason why handmade pieces are preferable is that custom pieces are generally a craftsman’s delight simply because they are so passionate about the work they do and enjoy the opportunity to work with a client in creating something that he or she has in mind. Of course, this makes custom-made jewelry even more special because it has been taken from a conceptual idea in the mind of a customer to become a reality in the hands of the artisan. It goes without saying that machine-made jewelry is all about the production of items by truck loading; therefore there is no option for a customer to contribute ideas for the customization of what they would like to wear.

Because artisans have immense love for what they make, they also take great pride in their work and this means that they can redo an item multiple times with painstaking effort until they are completely satisfied with what they do. This highlights why only a small level of exceptional customer service can only be achieved by small craft businesses because they take the time and effort to do what cold machinery could never deliver in terms of quality of workmanship and thought in what they believe.

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