The Benefits of Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Trying to figure out how to budge customers into visiting your e-store and going away with carts full of goodies?

Well, Drip Email Campaigns are your answer. A string of pre-written emails drips into your prospective consumers’ inbox throughout time based on their recent internet activities. 

A combination of AI and Email Marketing Management has made building a personalized relationship with customers convenient. The number of emails and the frequency they are sent can also be adjusted according to the audience and their actions.

A Drip Email Campaign will be triggered when:

  1. someone places an order
  2. customers engage with customer service 
  3. shoppers fill up their carts
  4. signing up for a webinar
  5. an online event is attended 

Why Is Choosing Drip Email Marketing Wise in 2022?

  • Better results with less hassle

It has been seen that drip email marketing leads to an increase in the click rate by 119%, which is way better than other kinds of email campaigns that require more effort. 

Drip email marketing is successful because it increases engagement by targeting customers who are already interested and sending them relatable material. It shortens the sales cycle, thus ultimately generating more revenue. 

Drip Emails also save time and energy as they do not need much workforce. In addition, the messages are system generated and can boost sales by almost 20% as it weeds out uninterested parties right from the beginning. 

  • Personalization at its best

Drip Marketing finds the weak spot of the contacts and sends them emails that they find relatable. 

The result is built upon what sites they visit, the apps they use, the courses they apply for, so on. This factor increases the chances of seeing the intended location and getting converted into actual buyers. 

This kind of marketing finds out where the customer fits into the sale cycle and designs the content accordingly. 

  • Highlighting the brand

Drip Campaign is all about trust-building through persistently checking up on prospective customs. Controlling the purchaser’s psychology by making them aware of your brand over predetermined intervals. 

If they feel that their interests are being looked after, they will automatically pick your business for shopping. Then, when they think of a product, their minds will connect the dots back to your name, which has been flashing on their devices for quite some time. 

Not just their own choices, but new buyers will also be influenced through present buyers’ recommendations. 

  • Rekindling static contacts

Want to stir up inactive customers? Just tell them! 

There is a 68% chance that their interest will be piqued again. Sending them a comeback email coupled with a drip campaign can be a perfect way to help these unengaged contacts find their way back to you. Additionally, this method can create a reminder for social media accounts. 

Your business can be out of sight, but Drip Email Marketing always keeps you on top of their minds.

  • No more abandoned carts

You have probably done enough to attract customers, bring them to your site, make them check out the products, and even stack up against their carts with goods. But unfortunately, although most clientele will have cracked by now, some still get cold feet and leave their carts for inspiration to strike. 

Drip marketing gives that last push they need to check out their carts. The trick is to write the email that resonates with your brand and their needs.

The Success Hacks of Drip Email Marketing:

Now, the benefits will show if they are implemented right. The email drip campaign ideas that you use currently will be more efficient and start buzzing with new ventures with just a few slight tweaks.

Timely communication:

Time is key. You need to strike when the iron is hot to get through your buyers’ heads. As soon as there is a relevant activity on his side, the email must drip before him for maximum effect. 

The more the similarity between both events, the better attention your business will get. 

Divide and rule: 

Smaller groups are easier to understand and handle. Break down your contact into manageable territories to better cater to their interests. 

Look beyond pre-existing customers. Market research is very crucial. Discover the consumer bases of a specific location, demography, browsing history, etc.

Catchy content:

Deliver an email that is appealing, interesting, short, and easy to read but also sounds urgent. 

Keeping the customers on their toes with exclusive offers and coupon deals while making them look forward to your compelling headlines— now that’s some good business!

Collaborate with other channels:

All your marketing avenues should work in harmony. For example, adding “Follow us on Instagram” at the end of your emails will let your audience know that you are active on other social media. 

Staying is the trend that also works as an attractive aspect to your drip campaign. 

Foresight and planning:

Your campaign should be able to hold your customer’s attention for an extended period. Planning helps to achieve that. 

The right message, to that right group, at the right time ensures the highest conversions. 

Wrapping Up

It is amazing how modern technology can map our choices and provide suggestions that eventually we might take up. The customers often do not even realize that they are being lured into buying a product. And that is brilliant marketing 101 to deploy in 2022 for your business.

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