Aly Raisman Is The Boldest She Has Ever Been

Aly Raisman
Credit: NBC News

The Aly Raisman nude photoshoot is the boldest she has ever been. And we have no complaints regarding it. For once, the three-time Olympic gold medallist does not want to live behind a shade all her life. She is practically gushing with empowerment and it is rather stunning to watch. Raisman became a pillar of strength for other women during the Larry Nassar trial. In the said photoshoot, she appears with her beliefs firmly etched in ink across her body. Women do not have to be modest to be respected. 

Bold and Beautiful

We wholeheartedly believe her. The photos appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2018. For this project, celebrity photographer Taylor Ballantyne clicked the snaps of Raisman and some other models. All of them had very inspiring messages written on their nude bodies.

Now Raisman for her part appears rather fierce and bold in her particular photo shoot, and we think this is absolutely gorgeous. Adding a bit of fire to the personality is always a bold move and speaks a lot about the person herself. When she says women do not have to be modest to be respected, she means every word of it. 

Aly Raisman

If you see the other photos in the edition, you will find Raisman sporting several other inspiring messages like “survivor” and “every voice matters”. She displays the messages prominently on her chest and hands and makes sure the letters are big and bold. Furthermore, she also shared a social media post after that thanking Sports Illustrated and speaking a few more words.

Raisman encouraged women like her to speak up for themselves otherwise nobody else would. She asked them to celebrate their bodies and never be afraid to talk about whatever they wanted. It was a good way to progress in the world. 

A New Age

Bold and Beautiful

As Raisman puts it, women should be free to express themselves in whatever way they choose. If they want to participate in an activity historically dominated by men, so be it. Society must encourage them instead of mocking or telling them where they belong. Expressing themselves makes them feel happier about themselves.

Women can be intelligent, strong, sexy, fierce, and independent at the same time without feeling ashamed of it. The female body is beautiful and it should be celebrated instead of hidden. The time for women to be ashamed of their bodies is over. 

Raisman is one of the strongest and most prominent voices against the rampant sexual exploitation of female athletes by Lary Nassar. Nassar was the team doctor of the United States women’s national gymnastics team for 18 years, and he used his position to molest many women sexually. Many of his victims also included children.

Raisman provided a gripping statement against Nassar in the Supreme Court and later continued supporting victims of sexual abuse. She also played a pivotal role in urging the Olympic gymnastic organization to do more about protecting the women who trusted them to ensure their safety. 


Raisman said she decided to be a part of the project because she found it empowering. She believes that everyone is a survivor of something and that every story deserves to be told at some time or the other. Often, people pressure victims of a crime to keep quiet and do nothing. But it is time to break those shackles and tell their stores because the times have changed drastically. We can’t help but agree with all our hearts. 



1. Where can we find Aly Raisman nude pics?

You can find them on her Instagram profile.

2. Can we find Aly Raisamn nude Tumblr?

You can find her nudes on Tumblr. 

3. How can we find gymnast Aly Raisman nude?

You can find it on Instagram. 

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