How to Make Money with AI Art

Make Money

In the recent past, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly, creating room for entrepreneurs to make a ton of money across different industries. One sector that has recently embraced AI is the art scene, where creators use AI algorithms to develop hyper-realistic art. The most incredible thing about it is that the AI art generated is remarkably similar to pieces produced by human artists. 

Well, with technology, anything is possible. In the 90s’ who knew that in the next decade, casino gambling would be revolutionized to a point where players could access all their favorite games with a click? With top-tier casino sites like Verde casino online, gamblers no longer have to worry about traveling long distances to find a decent gaming house.

Meanwhile, as AI art takes over the art industry, some people have raised concerns that it threatens jobs such as those of illustrators, web designers, and human artists. But that may not be the case if we take casino gaming as an example again. Even with widespread online casinos, brick-and-mortar gaming venues in Las Vegas and Macau are thriving mover than ever. 

So, if you are creative, this is the perfect time to join the bandwagon, and to get you started, below are five ways you can profit from your AI art.

Create AI art for Print-on-Demand

Using AI, you can sell print-on-demand items from your AI art either online or in person. For example, you can design and upload your AI art onto sites such as:

  • TeeSpring
  • Printify
  • RedBubble
  • Zazzle
  • Sellfy

These sites will print your AI art on products such as notebooks, posters, t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases, and you will get a commission for every sale made. 

In addition, once you have created your AI art, you could sell it on marketplace platforms such as Etsy and Shopify or even create your website. If you want to sell the AI art in person, on the other hand, look for companies that will print at a reasonable rate, then sell them during local events or marketplaces. 

Selling Stock Images

Are you a website contributor? If you are, you can use stock image platforms to make money. Some of the best sites to do that include:

  • Shutterstock
  • Unsplash
  • Freepik
  • Dreamstime
  • Motion Array 
  • Pixabay

First, you will pick the platform that best suits your needs and make sure you inform the necessary parties that you make art using AI art generators.

Shutterstock might be an excellent place to start considering they recently announced a partnership with Open AI, giving Shutterstock’s users access to Dall-E 2 to create more AI-generated images. In most cases, a contributor will be $0.02 per art each month, with the total amount earned depending on the number of art images you sell. 

However, to succeed, you need to do some research. For example, before creating your portfolio go to your favorite stock image website a search for the best-selling category. This information lets you know where the demand is and where you should focus. 

But before uploading your content, check if the stock image site allows you to sell AI content on their platform. Getty Images, for instance, does not accept AI art on its platform. 

Providing AI Art Generation as a Service

You can sell your AI Art Generation skills as a service to individuals or organizations. To do this, you should start by creating your AI art portfolio, which will give potential clients an idea of your skillset. Some of the websites you can sell your services include Fiverr and Upwork. Providing AI art generation services are lucrative since there is no limit on the amount you can charge. 

Selling AI Art Prompts

Although many people are creating unique AI art, AI is undoubtedly in control of the design process. Therefore, to maximize your potential in AI art generation, you need to understand and learn how to use the commands appropriately to a point where you can develop your personalized style. 

With PromptBase entry into the AI art generation market, you can sell your expertise, and the platform charges a 20% commission for the prompts sold. PromptBase sells prompts for $2 to $5 apiece. 

Create Content about AI Art

Although you will not be selling AI art if you already have vast knowledge in the field, you can make money by starting a blog or YouTube channel. Then, after accumulating enough viewers on your YouTube channel or blog, you can rake in some cash through membership subscriptions and affiliate marketing. 

In addition, you can write sponsored posts and create courses to teach AI art generation. Some online learning platforms where you can host your AI art course and start making money include Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy. Moreover, you can also get paid to speak at workshops or webinars in organizations or local groups. 

Final Thought

AI art has provided a platform for lesser-known artists to express themselves freely, and you can also use it to excel at your creative practice. Thus, if you are an artist, you should view AI art as a new opportunity and not a threat to your job!

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