Online Carbide Has the Stub Drills You Need

Stub Drills

In many machine shop processes Stub Drills are used as a guide for deeper drilling tools. Stub Drills are short, very stiff and very strong so they don’t deflect when the machine pushes into the piecework. Longer drill bits have a tendency to deflect slightly once pressure is put upon them and the drill hole can be in the wrong place due to the deflection.

Online Carbide Has Every Type and Size of Stub Drill

Because of the nature of the Stub Drill being used in machining operations, Online Carbide knows it is a vital tool for any machine shop or machining operation on a production line. Stub Drills from Online Carbide come in four basic styles with each style coming in a variety of sizes. Online Carbide the following four different styles of Stub Drill:

  •  Fractional Stub Drills – 1/16th inch to ¾ inch – 33 sizes
  •  Letter Stub Drills – .2340 inch to .4130 inch – 26 sizes
  •  Wire Size Stub Drills – .0635 inch to .2280 inch – 52 sizes
  •  Metric Stub Drills – 2.0mm to 12.5mm – 22 sizes

All Online Carbide Stub Drills have a 135 degree point and 15 degree RHH.

Why Buy From Online Carbide?

There are a number of reasons tool and machine users buy from Online Carbide. First is the quality of the tools. Online Carbide manufactures their tools with 10% Cobalt Micrograin in the steel for greater strength and longer life. Second, all of Online Carbide’s tools are made in the USA. That means the tools are made to a higher standard than offshore products. Made in the USA is always preferable to tools made in China or India or some other place that doesn’t require higher standards. Third, and perhaps most importantly, Online Carbide sells their machine tools factory direct to their customers. That saves a lot of money over tools sold through distributors or local retailers because they tend to mark up the prices of products they handle by 40% to 50% or more.

Factory Direct Saves Money and Time

Orders for tools at Online Carbide are normally shipped the same day the order is received. All tool orders over $250 are shipped for free. The website,, has every size and style of Stub Drills or any other type of drill product a machine shop or production machine line would need. Finding everything needed in one place saves a lot of time and frustration.

Great Company With Excellent Machine Tools

Many customers have experienced the value and quality of Online Carbide’s tools which is why the company has been so successful. As an online seller, the company is able to keep the costs of tools as low as possible. Customers also know they can get excellent advice and information on the tools by going online to or they can call for customer service at 630-238-1424 and speak with a knowledgeable professional who can answer any questions they may have.

Online Carbide Helps Keep Costs Low and Production High

The worst situation for a machine shop owner or a production line manager is having to deal with tools that aren’t up to the task. Stopping a production line to change out tools on a machine due to poor performance or short life costs a lot of money and creates a lot frustration. By making their tools with 10% Cobalt Micrograin and by maintaining a high level of quality control, Online Carbide is able to offer the best machine tools at the best prices in the industry. That means shop owners and production line managers (as well as company accountants) will get more work done with less frustration and time consumed because of the tools.