How Real Estate Investors Benefit from Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Investors
Credit: David McBee via Pexels

Real estate investors are in the business of buying properties to resell them or rent them out for profit. To gain a fair return on their high capital investment, investors need to make the right choices. 

Nowadays, modern real estate technology is helping investors make better decisions. By connecting investors with reliable industry professionals, offering actionable intelligence, and securing transactions, technology is empowering investors to make educated investments.

Here’s everything you need to know. 

Matching with Better Real Estate Agents

Finding smart, trustworthy, and skilled real estate agents isn’t a straightforward task. Due to the lucrative nature of the market, the industry has seen a spike in inexperienced agents looking to capitalize on sector trends. Additionally, many real estate agents are known to put their interests above the needs of their clients. 

Fortunately, one piece of modern real estate technology has given investors a way to match with top local real estate agents. 

Nobul is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace that levels the playing field by unmasking agent reputations and histories and empowering users. Investors can match with an agent that suits their requirements by checking unbiased reviews, history, and services. They can also compare cash-back incentives, services, and rates, gaining unprecedented negotiating room. 

“It’s really about consumer choice,” says Regan McGee, chairman and CEO of Nobul. In an interview with BNN Bloomberg, he shared that “With Nobul, whether you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, you put in basic pieces of information, agents then compete for your listing or your buy.” 

Investors selling their properties on Nobul can also utilize several home listing services to maximize their market reach and connect with high-quality buyers offering top dollar:

  • Professional photography services that accentuate a property’s strengths.
  • Virtual showings allowing sellers to connect remotely with potential buyers. 
  • Detailed home cleaning to create excellent first impressions on homebuyers.

Smarter Investment Decisions 

Investors can lock up a significant amount of capital in real estate purchases. To ensure that these investments are worthwhile, they’re using real estate technology that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to offer better investment options based on hard data.

In a nutshell, AI and ML are applications of computer science that emulate human behavior and help machines learn from prior experience more quickly and efficiently. These technologies allow machines to make smart assumptions based on historical performance in real-time. 

With insights into how a market and submarket will emerge annually, resellers can purchase properties that suit their revenue targets. 

ML-powered real estate technology also assists rental property investors. Buyers can purchase detached houses, condos, and townhouses forecasted for sizable rent growth. Likewise, they can select neighbourhoods forecasted by AI to have low vacancy rates. 

More Secure Transactions 

Real estate transactions can be vulnerable to corruption and mismanagement. In some localities, properties are sold several times over to multiple buyers. Essential documents that are misplaced or lost can delay or even cancel sales. 

A solution to these problems is an emerging piece of real estate technology called a smart contract. Instead of paper, a smart contract is code that exists digitally on a decentralized network of blockchain. 

Smart contracts enhance trust and transparency in the real estate industry for investors and buyers alike because blockchains are transparent and immutable. In other words, contracts can’t be tampered with. In addition, the blockchain’s cryptography system ensures data integrity. 

The real estate sector’s adoption of modern technology benefits investors in multiple ways. With the right tools, investors have the best insights to select top agents and properties. Moreover, they can mitigate the risk of corruption by utilizing blockchain technology to secure their transactions.

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