How To Make Your Home Highly Desirable To Purchasers

Make Your Home

When you are thinking of selling your home, there are some things that you are going to have to take into account if you are wanting to obtain the highest possible price for your property and achieve a quick sale. 

It is a good idea to work down the list below before you get a real estate agent involved, you will also have to walk around your property to make sure that there aren’t any unfinished odd jobs that jump at you as these will have to be completed before you put your home on the market.

#1 Well-kept gardens

Having well-kept gardens is a must, especially the garden at the front of your property if you have one. This is because it will give your potential buyers their first impression of your home. If they enter your home with a feeling that the property is not worth the money that you are asking for it, or with a mind that they are going to have to do a lot of work to the property should they decide to purchase it, they will continue to look for fault and a means to knock you down to a rock bottom price.

However, if your front garden is well-kept and welcoming, they will be at ease and will look forward to looking around your property with the mindset that it could very well be the property of their dreams without thinking too hard about the price tag.

#2 Low Maintenance entrance

This point could be combined with the one above; however, having low maintenance and a clear entrance to your home is a must. It is important to make a feature of your front door so it should stand out in its surroundings. Where possible, have a pot plant with colors that bring out the color of your front door and draw the eye up with the help of an attractive hanging basket of flowers. 

If your front door is not at the front of your property but around the side and hidden from the road, then you will need to create an obvious approach to your home. This can be easily achieved with planting or a path that is of a different material than your hard standing or drive.

#3 Well-presented rooms

Creating well-presented rooms can be easier than you think, and don’t get too caught up in the idea that they have to be like the front of a glossy magazine. It is important that your potential buyers can visualize their items and furniture in your rooms so you may need to thin out your furniture and remove your overly personal items such as photographs and replace them with hanging art or statement pictures.

In saying this you do not want your home to appear empty, soulless, or cold and unwelcoming – which it could well do if you empty out too much of your furniture, and you will still have to live there yourself until you have sold it and moved to your property. So, you may have to invest in cushions, throws, and rugs to bring some warmth and coziness back in.

#4 Modern tech 

You may want to think about installing some state-of-the-art tech like a security system, programable lighting, sound system with inbuilt speakers in various rooms as well as some air conditioning and heating if you haven’t already got them installed.  

With the climate changing so quickly and hot locations getting hotter and cooler locations getting colder, most real estate property hunters are going to start looking for properties that already have these luxuries installed if they are not already. If you are considering installing air conditioning, it is important that you choose a business that is well established and experienced such as Kaiser Air Conditioning and Heating, as they will be able to answer all of your questions.

#5 Outdoor entertainment area

If you have a garden and your buyers are actively looking for a garden, then chances are that they are going to want to use it to its fullest potential. In this, it stands to reason that they are going to want to entertain friends and family when the weather is clement enough and for as much of the year as possible. You should, therefore, create an area where this entertaining can take place, whether it is on a patio or decked area. It should be situated where a nice view of your garden can be appreciated and sheltered enough from extreme weather.

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How much room you have will dictate what type of furniture (and how much) you are going to want to place there, and remember that this is not wasted money as you will be taking the furniture with you to your next home. Dress the area with lights; fairy lights can look very appealing twinkling away, and there are some available that are solar powered should you not want to wire any lighting into your mains. With this, there are also solar spotlights available for your garden so you can highlight any plant or feature that you think should have attention drawn to it.

#6 Tackle odors

Although nobody likes to admit it, there are always odors within a household regardless of the presence of pets or not. Paying out for a professional cleaning service can be highly advantageous, especially as you could very well be nose blind to the smells which visitors will detect immediately. Many people decide to use scent sprays or essential oils to make their homes smell nice and clean but there really is no substitute for having clean upholstery, carpets, rugs, and window dressings.

To wrap it all up

Take time to make sure that you have no outstanding DIY jobs to do on your home as this could very well put buyers off of purchasing your home. Ensure that your external areas are well-maintained, keeping areas uncluttered and therefore looking low maintenance. 

Remove over-personalized items from your home so that potential buyers can imagine their own items on the walls and remember to show off any state-of-the-art tech that you have installed for the hint of a luxury lifestyle.