Must-Know Facts About Vinyl Flooring Sydney

Vinyl Flooring Sydney

Sydney will pique anyone’s interest not just because of the beautiful tourist spots but its lined homes with its typical brick exterior and tiled roofs. Houses may look similar in some parts of the city, but they exude a unique appeal, including its interiors which reflect every homeowner’s personality.

When it comes to home flooring, the options seem endless. Vinyl is one of the best options because they look like tiles, but the planks are easier to install and costs less compared to other flooring alternatives. Vinyl also comes in different patterns and colours, making them one of the most versatile flooring alternatives.

Vinyl is A Popular Flooring Choice in Sydney 

Most houses opt for vinyl flooring in Sydney because of its inherent advantage over its counterparts. Vinyl is an all-around flooring option which is able to mimic most of the available floor coverings in the market. 

The material has also manufactured with a lot of improvements these days. They are stylish, durable, and affordable enough not to make a significant cut on your home improvement project. 

Vinyl significantly rivals more expensive natural flooring materials like hardwood and stone. It is way cheaper than tile, both equipment and installation likewise. Vinyl has an improved construction, which increases its durability and longevity.

Sydneysiders are known for their practicality. Vinyl stands out as the best flooring option because of its budget-friendly price and serviceability. You would find this flooring option in almost every household not just because they are reasonably priced, but because of its semblance to its counterparts. 

Quality of Vinyl Flooring that makes it stand out

The recent reboot of vinyl floor covering has elevated its status among homeowners. Vinyl plants are recognised for their amazing qualities and versatility, considering the myriad of options in the market.

It is touted to be the future of flooring for Sydneysiders and hailed for its other remarkable benefits. Some of the best qualities of vinyl planks include:

Durability. Vinyl flooring now comes with several wear layers, such as the protective, print, and cushion layers. Manufacturing of vinyl planks also includes a backing layer, which makes it extra hard and durable.

The top layers are meant to provide the aesthetics while the backing ones offer the support. Most vinyl options are available at different thickness levels, although some of the most preferred choices include:

  • 6 MIL vinyl plank
  • 7 MIL vinyl
  • 28 MIL vinyl planks

Variety. The availability of cut, design, and material make vinyl flooring significantly versatile. Unlike stone or wooden planks where you are stuck to a particular look, vinyl flooring in Sydney offers the look and feel you want to establish in your home. 

It comes with more than just one flooring option as well. You can opt for flooring products including:

  • Vinyl sheets
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Vinyl planks
  • Engineered vinyl planks (EVP)
  • Luxury vinyl tiles

Maintenance-free. Unlike wood or stone, which becomes porous over time, vinyl floors are much more durable. They are comfortable and quick to clean because of the laminated surface, which does not attract dust and grime build-up.

If you want flooring that is both maintenance-free and family-friendly, vinyl floors are the right material to install in your home. They provide the aesthetics you want to achieve without the associated overheads of most alternatives.