KickAssAnime (👁️Д👁️) Overview of This Site & Its Alternatives

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In the world of anime streaming, KickAssAnime is a very popular name. In fact, in its hay days, it was one of the most popularly visited sites among users globally. However, some years back, the original URL of this website, along with some torrent sites were banned. As a result, the original URL is not available now.

However, there are some proxies and mirror sites of this website, which the users use to stream their favourite anime. Along with this, users have also started looking for some alternative websites to this website, where they can watch their favourite anime. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this website and its alternatives, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about all these in detail. 

About Kick Ass Anime

About Kick Ass Anime
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Let me inform you that the website that we are talking about is a very popular one for watching anime. Starting from 240p to 1080p, the resolution range is great. However, the availability of dubbed episodes of anime has been the main factor behind its popularity. The database of this website is also rich with anime like Dr Stone, Pokemon Sun, Attack On Titan, Demon Slayer and many others. 

In addition, you can watch all these anime without spending a single penny from your pocket. It has a very easy and user-friendly interface and also features a category of anime for quickly finding your favourite ones. Moreover, you can also request the developing team for an anime, which is missing from their library. It also has no ad pop-ups.

Safety And Legal Nature

As far as the safety of this website is concerned, rest assured that it is free from viruses or malware. However, there might be some suspicious ads. Therefore, be sure not to click on these pop-ups. 

However, if you are worried about the legal nature of this website, then let me tell you it is not a very legal place for streaming or downloading anime. In fact, various nations have declared it as illegal, while some nations have made no such sanctions on it. Therefore, it is a wise decision to use a proper VPN while accessing this website. 

Safety And Legal Nature
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There are some interesting features of Kick Ass Anime which have kept attracting a huge number of users to it. These features are:

  • This website is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. 
  • The developers update their database on a regular basis. Thus, all the recent anime will be there for you to watch. 
  • Moreover, this site also provides you with an option to add subtitles. In fact, you will have the entire control to decide on the necessity of the subtitles. 
  • It also has an app for Android users. This app allows you to use it in offline mode also.


It is always better to know about alternative sites in order to keep watching anime without any breaks. Some of these alternative websites are as follows:

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1. 7Anime

This website for watching anime content is a very great one. Moreover, it is entirely free. There are so many kinds of anime like drama, romance, horror, historical, Shoujo Ai, and so many others. Moreover, the interface is also easy and user-friendly. 

2. GenoAnime

It is a very well-designed anime-streaming website. It allows you fast scrolling through a large database to find your favourite anime. Moreover, you can also filter the search results according to category, season and kind.

3. 123Anime

123Anime is a great place for all anime lovers out there. It is a free-to-use website and also provides dubbed versions of anime. Moreover, you also get subtitles for the videos that you wish to watch.

4. AnimeFreak

This is yet another free anime service. In fact, a section of anime lovers considers this site one of the top sites for anime. This website has a large collection of anime for you to watch.

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