Tricks To Amp Up Those Glitter Nails And Slay

Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are one of the prettiest things in all of existence. You can wear them to a party or for a casual meet and greet; they will always make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Having said that, glitter nail polish is one of the hardest cosmetics to apply. Furthermore, they are literally a thorn in the side.

The trick is to apply polish in a way that does not come out as gloopy, uneven, scattered or so thick you cannot see your fingertips beneath it. However, we have some tricks that you can use to make sure the glitter nails come out perfect.

Get the Base Color right

Liquid Latex is your friend in the next step 
Credit: Instyle

If you are an expert on nails and nail polish in general, you will already know this one. Moreover, you have to get your base color right. There is simply no other option. If you paint on glitter like any other color you are probably doing it wrong. Here is the thing, make sure you get a normal base coat first. Don’t lay it on too thick. Don’t make it too thin. Furthermore, just leave enough to serve as a platform for the things to come. 

Liquid Latex is your friend in the next step 

Have you seen how a painter employs a paintbrush on canvas or paper? They make sure there is no excess paint smudging the edges and all by covering them with blotting paper or strips of cloth. Keep a bottle of liquid latex handy in such cases. Now take a small brush and dip it just enough to get a thin coating of the substance around your nail. Try to make sure it does not get mixed up with the base color, but if you have done it right, the base should be dry by now. 

Liquid Latex is your friend in the next step 
Credit: byrdie

Sponges are the way to go

Now take the bottle of glitter nail polish and draw a deep breath. In fact, make it two breaths. Then apply some of the polish on the edge of a makeup sponge. Here is where the main crux of the entire trick lies. The sponge has already soaked up most of the polish so when you actually dab your nail with it, only the exact amount needed for decoration. Voila! You get a thick, opaque layer composed mostly of glitter and a little bit of polish on your nail in one stroke. 

Now that most of the work is done, start to peel off the hardened latex that has also finished its job by now. Do it slowly; otherwise, you will hurt your skin. Then apply the top coat so that the glitter does not come off that easily. Moreover, glitter paint has a bad reputation for chipping off now and then. Once the latex has come off and the glitter firmly put in its place. All that remains is now to hold those perfect nails up in the sunshine and admire them. Congratulations, you now sport a set of fingernails that has become the envy of the party. 

As you can see, getting the perfect glitter nails does not take more than an hour of careful application. Do that, and you can be just amping up the oomph in the party and making heads turn your way as you sashay into their midst. 

Sponges are the way to go
Credit: elle


1. Are glitter nails in fashion in 2022?

Yes they are very much in fashion in 2022.

2. Are white glitter nails in fashion in 2022?

Yes they are very much in fashion. 

3. Are black glitter nails in fashion?

Yes they are very much in fashion.

4. Are pink glitter nails worth it?

You can color your nails pink for a unique hue.

5. Do ombre glitter nails last longer?

It depends on the type of polish you use.

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