Ways To Ramp Up The Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

Muslim Wedding Invitation

No Islamic wedding is complete without the Muslim wedding invitation cards. It is the ultimate label that marks the beginning of an auspicious event. 

It signifies and to some extent stands for the bonding of two souls for a lifetime. The wedding is the most memorable occasion in the lives of two people. 

To make the wedding ceremony more joyous, the couple invites people close to them. That is where the Muslim Wedding Invitations comes in. 

Today we will share with you a few ideas to ramp up the cards. As it happens, such ideas will leave an everlasting impression on the guests. 

Muslim Wedding Invitation

Few Ideas To Make The Wedding Cards Interesting:

  • Stick To The Theme:

You always need to stick to the theme. Hence, you need to select the colours that go following the theme. 

If you want to make it appear more glam, you can also choose to go for the colour of your wedding dress. 

However, when we say that you need to stick to the theme, you have to take the minimalist route. Hence, don’t stuff your cards with designs, motifs, and emblems. 

You need to also choose darker writing for a lighter base. In that way, the important information will get its much-needed pop. In short, you need to colour coordinate the colours. 

Tip: Never forget to mention the exact venue, phone numbers, and venue. It will make it easier for the guests to reach the wedding destinations

  • Use Calligraphy:

Islam and calligraphy go a long way. They share a special bond for ages as it is one of the most significant forms of  Islamic culture. 

Hence, you need to have a special calligraphic sign designed with your name. Moreover, you can add it to the card to make it unique and beautiful. 

Now coming to the design, you can design the calligraphy sign yourself or ask the manufacturer to do it for you. 

You can also go through multiple samples by the invitation card manufacturers. By doing so, you will get your hands on multiple beautiful designs. 

  • Choose A Massage That Speaks Your Mind:

Your words and gestures signify how you feel about the guests joining your wedding. Welcoming your guests with politeness is important. 

So, a humble message will go a long way. A simple card should have a submissive and respectful message in the end. If not, you can add it on top of the card as well. 

Hence, you can come up with the message yourself. Or, if need be, you can ask the manufacturer to provide you with important samples. 

Every card contains the bismillah logo. It is one of the essentials without which the card wouldn’t be completed. It also marks the beginning of your auspicious life. 

Since it is the very essence of the Islamic holy book Quran. Therefore, you can design the wedding day card with a beautifully written logo of bismillah. 

If you want to play it boldly, you may choose to wrap it in gold foil. Or, you may opt for 

Initiating your journey and beginning a combination of colours like bottle green, maroon, red, and moonlight blue.

  • Why Not Choose The Arabic Wordings?

Everyone is looking for something unique to include in their cards. So, what every person wants is to find that element that would add the spark. The aim is to astound everyone. 

So, rather than going too “out there”, you may choose Arabic wording. If you think one cannot read pure Arabic language, then choose wording that looks like Arabic dialect. 

It is one of the sophisticated and classic options that you can choose. Moreover, it is also the best way to make your card appear beautiful without going too far. 

  • Minimalism Is The Way To Go:

Yes, you may choose to go minimalist. With fewer motifs and a small logo, you can emphasise what is more important. 

That is the information about the wedding. The card will focus on the interplay of colours and sparkles. Yes, you read it right. 

You can add sparkle, and glitters, or choose the rainbow colours to give off an elegant yet contemporary look. 

However, to make it subdued, you may need to tone down the logo and other wordings. This will make your card appear to be exceptional. 

  • Go For Arabic Style Wedding Invitation:

Handmade Arabic-style wedding cards with beautiful calligraphy are what you should go for. Hence, these are some of the subtle yet elegant invitation methods many are choosing. 

However, these cards showcase bold colours. So, black, navy blue, and maroon would appear more exquisite. Although the colour selection depends on you. 

Ending note:

Wedding cards are important as it is the front that will bear your feelings. Therefore, to make it more contemporary yet humble, choose some unique ideas to get your message across.