3 Ways to Save Money Using Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer

Based in the United States, Ria is a financial services provider specializing in cross-borders remittance services. It has a worldwide network of more than 400,000 cash pickup agent locations in more than 160 countries. These agent locations are easily accessible in the form of bank branches, post offices, and retail stores. 

The product portfolio of Ria incorporates two services i.e. Ria Money Transfer App and Mobile Money. Ria Money Transfer facilitates online international money transfers with a wide range of payment and withdrawal options. 

There are a multitude of options for both beneficiary parties and people who send remittances overseas. When it comes to funds withdrawal, Ria Money Transfer offers four options to beneficiary parties, including bank deposit, cash pickup, home delivery, and mobile top-up. However, not all options are available in all countries. 

Cash pickup from designated collection points are available in a few countries. Direct bank deposit is available in almost all countries where Ria offers its services. Ria has partnered with all major banks across different countries to facilitate direct bank deposit into the recipient’s account. The sender is required to enter the account information of the recipient, including the routing number or SWIFT code. 

Ria Money Transfer also caters to people in rural areas where no banks are available. While this service is limited to a few countries, it allows people to receive funds from designated agent locations. The Ria network incorporates up to 400,000 designated cash pickup locations that facilitate safe funds withdrawal. 

Beneficiary parties can also have funds delivered directly to their home in the form of cash. This service is available in Egypt, Hungary, Morocco, Armenia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Beneficiaries can also receive the funds in the form of mobile money, although the availability of this service is also limited to some countries. Kenya, for example, has this service and recipients located in Kenya can use M-Pesa mobile money platform to get remittances from over 20 countries. 

In addition to diverse delivery options, Ria Money Transfer offers multiple payment options to senders. You can use the following methods to pay for your transfers: 

1. Cash Payment 

Ria Money has a massive network of agent locations. If you want to pay for your transfer through cash, you can make the payment at any Ria Money agent location near you. Cash payments are normally faster than other payment methods as funds become immediately available for the transfer. This method caters to people who do not have a bank account. 

You can also make cash payments at a Ria-supported Walmart store near you. Ria Money partnered with Walmart in 2014 to offer Walmart-2-Walmart money transfer services. As Walmart has a large retail network, Ria Money services have become more accessible. There are over 4,000 Walmart stores that support Ria Money transfers. 

2. Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is the least expensive method to pay for your Ria Money transfer. However, the transfer may take up to 4 business days to get completed. If you are a first-time customer, your transfer will be made in two micro-deposits that you’ll have to verify to complete the transfer. 

3. Debit/Credit Card 

Paying via a credit or debit card is going to cost you the most on transfer fee. You may also be charged an additional fee by the credit card issuer. However, this method is quicker than bank transfer and takes up to 15 minutes for completion. 

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