Why Barbara Stranger Things Had to Die? Explored

Barbara Stranger Things

Barbara Stranger Things death was one of the saddest highlights of Season 1. Fans of the popular TV show Stranger Things expressed sadness when fan-favorite character Barb died in season one. But it was also necessary.

A Closure 

After four seasons of the show, viewers still had many unanswered questions about her death. However, in a recent interview, actress Shannon Purser finally provided closure on the matter.

Purser revealed that Barb’s death was necessary to the plot of the show. The creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers, wanted to establish the dangers of the Upside Down, a parallel dimension in season one. Purser also acknowledged that the death of her character was impactful and resonated with audiences.

At a party, Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin in the show, said that Barb is dead and it was a symbol for danger. He explained that Barb’s character served to show how dangerous the Upside Down and the Demogorgon were. Yes it was sad, but it was also necessary. 

A Closure 

Sad but Necessary

Many fans of the show are not pleased with the way Barb’s character was handled. Some felt that she did not have enough screen time or character development, and that her death was simply a way to further the storyline of the other characters. 

However, Purser stated that she was happy with the way she played the character and that she trusted the Duffer brothers’ vision for the show. The character was a bit nerdy and nervous in the final draft. And the fans found her adorable to the boot. 

Purser also addressed the overwhelming response from fans to her character’s death. She expressed gratitude for the support but acknowledged that it was difficult to handle the sudden fame that came with being a part of the show.

Sad but Necessary 

An End to The Saga

Barb’s friends, including Nancy, Will, Eleven, and Mike, have not forgotten about her disappearance. The show’s creator promised fans that they will learn more about Barb’s past and that justice will be served in the second season. 

Barb’s relatable personality and feeling like the odd one out won’t be seen again, but she will always be remembered in our hearts, social media hashtag, and Halloween costumes for many years to come. Furthermore, immediately after the second season ended, fans all over the world expressed sorrow on social media regarding her death. 

She struggled with the attention, particularly on social media, and the way some people treated her. She encouraged fans to be kind and mindful of their words, as they can have a profound impact on the people they are directed at.


In the interview, Purser also talked about her career after Stranger Things. She has appeared in several other popular TV shows and movies, including Riverdale and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. She discussed the challenges of transitioning from one role to another, as well as the pressure to live up to the success of her previous work.

Shannon Purser’s interview acts as closure for the fans. While it is not the outcome some were hoping for, her explanation showed that the creators of the show had a clear vision for the storyline and that 

Barb’s death was necessary to achieve that. Purser’s insight into her experiences with sudden fame and the importance of kindness also served as valuable reminders for fans.


1. Is Barbara Season 4 going to happen?

No, Barbara died in Season 1 of the show. 

2. Why did the Demogorgon take Barbara?

It took her to spread fear under the Mind Flayer.

3. Did Vecna kill Barbara?

No, the Demogorgon killed her. 

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