How Did Jett Travolta Die? The Story Behind Tragic Death of Jett Travolta

How Did Jett Travolta Die

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son, Jett Travolta would have turned 29 this year. However, the misfortune happened when he tragically died at the age of 16. It transpired when the family was on holiday together.

Conspiracy assumptions were pressed against John Travolta. Moreover, an alleged blackmail story followed him after the dreadful death of his son Jett.

The actor then lost his wife, Kelly Preston, following a long fight with breast cancer. His eldest son, Jett, had died on vacation with his younger sister in 2009. 

This year he would have been 29.

Who Was Jett Travolta?

Jett Travolta was the firstborn of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. He died at the age of 16 in 2009. Jett was

born in 1992 and had a history of seizures from the age of two.

Furthermore, he had been hospitalized at 15 months old with Kawasaki disease and was on the autism scope.

Jett was the firstborn out of three children, having a sister, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin’s brother. Little Benjamin was born after his older sibling’s death.

In January 2009, Jett died in the Bahamas with his parents and younger sister while on vacation.

How Did Jett Travolta Die?

How Did Jett Travolta Die? In 2009, Jett died in the Bahamas with his parents and younger sister. The news spread out that he suffered a seizure after hitting his head in a bathtub.

Both John and Kelly commemorate New Year at the Grand Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island.

The report says that Jett was unconscious at the moment; the maid then put up the alarm.

This is now eleven years after his death. The Grease star posted a moving photo to celebrate what would have been his son’s 29th birthday this year.

Dad John was suspected of crime in the medication of his son.

The actor says that he has been blackmailed. The driver of the ambulance, Tarino Lightbourne, was the person. This person was there to accompany his son. His lawyer was Pleasant Bridgewater.

Lightbourne and Tarino were impeached for demanding money from Travolta. It was a $25m fraud case.

They also threaten to disclose evidence to the media. It was about Travolta’s presumed wrongdoing.

The son, Jett, who had autism, endured a seizure during the family’s getaway to the Bahamas. This was over the New Year break.

He had always had a history of seizures and fell in the bathroom and hit his head. Therefore, they took him to the hospital, and they declared him dead.

The trip whirled into tragedy for Kelly and John, who are also parents to Ella and Benjamin.

John Travolta’s Engagement in Son’s Death Case

The torment had continued for a long time. Many rumors and conspiracies plagued John. Finally, it was about the law of care that Jett received on the day he died.

Critics raised suspicions about the family’s devotion to Scientology. They came with speculation implying that the dubious church doesn’t acknowledge conditions such as autism and that this could have fiddled a part.

John went to the police. He claims that he had been the victim of a £20 million blackmail conspiracy in the later part of the story.

The Grease star had further claimed that the ambulance driver called to manage Jett, and his lawyer blackmailed him over an indemnity form that the actor had validated.

The ambulance driver then claims that John and his team were anxious about the situations surrounding Jett’s collapse. They further wanted him to go to a Florida medical center rather than a hospital 15 minutes away.

The driver and his lawyer refuted the extortion charges. Then the case went to trial. Then, they demanded millions in the conversation for the indemnity outline.

The form was verified. The reports imply that John had refused to send his son to a local hospital before shifting his mind.

The Story Unfolds

As the jury went out to ponder, the judge decided to order a retrial after a negotiator in the Bahamas went on TV to claim. One of the defendants was not guilty before the verdict came out.

A different trial was organized. However, John later agreed to drop the case. He then said he did not want to go back to the Bahamas to testify and that his family wanted to move on.

He said in a declaration at the time: “The long-pending status of this matter continued to take a heavy emotional toll on my family, causing us to conclude that it was finally time to put this matter behind us.”

Later in the case, Travolta signed a signature in front of the police inspector Andrew Wells. The media reported that he was very surprised at this decision. 

It was because he had never seen anyone deny help in such dire conditions, and facilities at the Rand Memorial Hospital are nice.

The police chief also verified that he heard talk of putting Jett on a plane to Florida and said Dr. Fernandez traveled with him. However, it was with one of the refused groups. 

Inspector Wells says he could not be convinced whether Jett was dead when he arrived at the scene but augmented pointedly: ‘John Travolta loved his son, and I felt sorry for him. 

However, no matter what stress you are under, you have to follow the rules. His celebrity status deeply affected his life. That played a big part in the whole thing.’

Who to Believe?

Whatever the truth is, his lawyer, Mr. Shurland, maintains that his client was a just ‘opportunist’ at worst. And strongly he denies that he strived extortion, which involves threats or coercion.

All this could come in the retrial, Mr. Shurland says, adding that he was steadied to produce a compelling array of new observers so that the full story behind Jett’s death would have been put bare at last.

The pair would have been Dr. Fernandez and his wife. Unfortunately, they were out of the province at the time to give evidence at the first trial.

When Dr. Fernandez comes out, he would only say that the case was ‘all in the past. Nonetheless, his wife Emma says that there had been no significant signs of life when the couple was inclining to Travolta’s son.

She further says that the actor had abandoned the court case against Lightbourne, she said: ‘Maybe he thought he would lose.’

They called the maid. She no longer stints for the family. Following this, we do not know how significant her evidence would have been.

Lightbourne’s solicitor claims this is the real reason. This is why John Travolta did not proceed with the case.

Nonetheless, no one knows if John Travolta has anything to hide or not. Now that the case has plummeted, we will probably never know.

And so, along with the long-standing reports about his sexuality and attacks on his ecclesiastical beliefs, the unanswered concerns about the death of the son he loved so much will proceed to cast a shadow across his gleaming career.

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