Winn Nelson: How An Unlikely Hero Saved A Single Mother & Her 4 Kids

Winn Nelson

An unlikely stranger helped a mother and her four kids when her battery died in a grocery store parking lot. So, according to the sources, the mother Tawney Nelson, and her four girls had to go through a rough time. However, a person in the guise of a guardian angel arrived on a rainy night at Winn nelson dixie store and saved them. 

If you want to know more about the stranger and what exactly occurred, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will tell you everything about that rainy night and how that stranger helped the mother and her kids. 

A Rainy Night At Winn-Dixie Store: Tawney Nelson’s Plight

Tawney Nelson’s Plight

According to the sources, due to several reasons including a breakup, Tawney Nelson had a tough time. She said, “Things have been particularly rough since my ex left. My truck had a flat I constantly had to air up…The driver-side window motor died and I needed a new alternator belt.” It was an absolute mess for the truck and she required an alternator belt as well. 

In this scenario, you’d say that she couldn’t use the car. However, she had to go to the store that day. Thus, her situation compelled her to drive herself and her daughters to the Winn Nelson Dixi, nine blocks away from her home. 

However, due to some reason, she made one mistake that caused the car to run out of battery. According to Tawney, one of her daughters accidentally left a light on and that’s how the battery died. Moreover, due to the lack of a tower, she couldn’t use the phone as well. She doesn’t have a family to speak of and she was all alone on that rainy night. 

A Stranger In Guise Of An Angel Came And Saved Them

Angel Came And Saved Them

It was pouring down at the Winn Nelson Dixi that night and all the single mom and her four kids had was a car with a dead battery. For the next two hours or so she asked more than twenty people for help. However, no one paid any heed to her request. 

According to her, “They all ignored me…Not even a ‘no’, just acted like I didn’t exist. My 5-year-old was melting down, my newborn screaming, my two-year-old crying she was hungry, and my oldest desperately trying to help. I was bawling and felt like the worst mom ever.”

Then, an old gentleman, probably in his 70s, with a cane and a bad limp offered her help. He handed her a plate of chicken strips and biscuits from Deli and also a bottle of fresh water. The old man said, “Feed those babies and yourself young lady. I have a tow truck on the way and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home.” 

In fact, the next morning, the old man returned to Tawney’s house with a mechanic. He then replaced the batteries and also fixed the window of the car. Thereafter, he left and didn’t return. When the woman asked the mechanic for the payments, the mechanic said that the older man had paid for it all.

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