Trevor Noah Mom: Know About Patricia Noah The Woman Behind His Success

Trevor Noah Mom

Trevor Noah’s mom is Patricia Noah from South Africa. The leading comedian, writer, TV host and actor Trevor Noah opens about his turbulent past. He also praises his mother for being the brave woman behind his success. Trevor was born in an apartheid community in South Africa. 

The biggest issue in his family was that his mother a black woman married Robert Noah who is of Swiss-German ethnicity. At that time, rule did not allow two people from different races to marry each other. However, the marriage of Patricia and Robert Noah put their son Trevor in a terrible situation. 

Further, he had to spend most of his childhood life hiding in his grandparent’s home. Even in this awful situation, his mother tried to provide all that she can for Trevor Noah. Also, let us see more about the struggles of Trevor Noah’s mom. 

Trevor Noah Mother

Trevor Noah’s birth and life as an illegal biracial boy in South Africa 

Born in 1984 Trevor Noah is from Johannesburg South Africa. In the 1980’s South Africa had the rule to isolate people of a different races. The white population of the country received many privileges but the Black people were ill-treated. No equality in the community did make life tough for the people. Further, marrying people from different races was not allowed. 

However, when Patricia and Robert Noah married each other they soon had their son Trevor Noah. The couple did not show the rest of the world that they were a couple. As they are both from different races they lived in hiding with their biracial son. Trevor Noah in an interview shares his experience growing up in an apartheid community. 

Trevor Noah

He says that police would show up in black Soweto community and his grandmother would lock him up in the basement. He adds that if police see biracial children they would arrest the family. For Trevor Noah his life in South Africa was dreadful. Still, his mother was his only support. 

Patricia Noah a real survivor of an abusive marriage 

For most of his childhood, Trevor Noah saw his mother suffer. The cops caught her many times near white residences. Many times she went to that community to see her husband. However, authorities did not know that a white man had married a Black woman. If any cops would have any clue about their marriage the rule was to quickly arrest them. 

Also, due to the fear of cops in the public Patricia Noah did not reveal herself as Trevor’s mother. Trevor Noah also shares his mother’s struggles with an abusive husband. His stepfather made life of Patricia tough. Even though Trevor Noah Mother divorced him in 1996 the abuses did not stop. His stepfather shot his mother in the head. 

Luckily, the bullet missed Patricia’s head causing her a minor injury. Trevor Noah praises his mother for standing up in all these struggles. He adds that his mother is a strong woman who he follows as his role model. Even during these problems Patricia Noah managed to send Trevor to the US and gave him a better life. 

Trevor Noah rising as a leading comedian after impossibilities 

Trevor Noah says that life was impossible for him and his mother. Still, his mother took bigger leaps in her life than he did. She did not lose hope but roped the family together. Trevor Noah admits that he never thought that he will escape the racist community. Also, he did not have any clue about rising as a leading comedian. However, all the good things did happen in his life because of his mother. 

The American producer and TV show host is a popular celebrity in this decade. He is doing a great job in his morning Show. Further, the comedian says that he never took his eyes off the prize. He was persistent to make life better and do standup comedy. Also, he has so much respect for his mother and her upbringing for this. 

At every opportunity, Trevor praises his mother for her relentless efforts. For Trevor Noah seeing his mother grow out of all her struggles inspires him to face any problem in life. Even after living in an oppressive environment Trevor never lost his humour. Due to his mother’s support, he is not only successful but uses his power to speak up for the oppressed ones. Trevor Noah openly talks about social issues with a touch of humour. 


Trevor Noah Mom is a role model for many people out there. As a woman who faced racism, abuse from her husband and a near-death situation she did not lose Hope. She survived all of the struggles and also managed to give a better life for Trevor Noah. Know more about Trevor Noah’s mom and her life from the above article. 

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