A List of The Witcher Facts and Trivia for Fans

The Witcher Facts

Here is a list of The Witcher facts and trivia for fans of the show. The Witcher series has introduced people worldwide to Geralt of Rivia’s dangerous and fascinating world of monsters and elves. Even if you’ve watched the TV show, there’s still much to learn about this rich universe. Also, if you have played the games, you will know there is more to the universe than we see in the show. Without further ado, let us discuss some of the facts and trivia that make it a vibrant world. 

Not a Rivian

Geralt of Rivia is not originally from Rivia, but rather from a less grand place called Kaedwen. He decided to claim Rivia as his birthplace to impress his clients, considering the Queen is also from there. Also, the moniker sits well on his shoulders. Geralt of Kaedwen sounds like a blacksmith or a mason. 

Method Acting

To achieve Geralt’s rugged appearance, Henry Cavill, one of the highest-paid TV actors, went to great lengths. He not only exercised but also dehydrated himself. This method definitely paid off in the end, although we don’t recommend trying it yourself. Also, we loved his acting style in the show. 

Mutant Witchers

Witchers aren’t sorcerers or wizards. They’re mutants, humans with magical powers gained through science. It’s like Frankenstein in a Tolkien-esque world. Also, the process to turn a normal person into a Witcher is quite nightmarish. Take a look at it in the animated movie starring Vessemir, Geralt’s grumpy mentor. 

Not a Rivian

Geralt Doesn’t Believe in Gods

In the Witcher world filled with magic and beliefs in gods, Geralt doesn’t believe in any religion. His only faith is in his job: killing monsters and earning money. Also, he has a very cynical view of human relationships and human society. He is strictly a monster hunter now. Religion only gets in the way of professionalism. 

Geralt is in Other Names

Geralt, from The Witcher, has also appeared in different video games like Monster Hunter: World and Soulcalibur IV. It’s like seeing Captain America in an X-Men movie. Geralt’s popularity is so strong that he’s well-known in the gaming world. Also, these appearances will even feature in more upcoming games. 

A Sorceress for a Mother

In The Witcher’s world, sorceresses are usually unable to have children, but Geralt’s mother, Visenna, was an exception. However, she wasn’t there to see him grow up as she gave him to a school of witchers when he was young. Geralt never knew the reason, adding to his traumatic experiences.

Geralt is in Other Names

Geralt Wishes to be Human

In The Witcher’s world, sorceresses are usually unable to have children, but Geralt’s mother, Visenna, was an exception. However, she wasn’t there to see him grow up as she gave him to a school of witchers when he was young. Geralt never knew the reason, adding to his traumatic experiences. Also, he does not find his mutant abilities to his taste. They limit him to a great extent. 

Brutal Training

In The Witcher games and books, it’s clear that becoming a witcher is tough and requires both physical and mental strength. Different schools have different methods, but all involve a lot of pain. One example is the “Trial of the Grasses,” which turns them into mutant beings. This explains Geralt’s unique appearance.

Brutal Training

TV Geralt is Different

Geralt is not supposed to be conventionally handsome, according to the books. However, Netflix cast the attractive Henry Cavill for the role. The character should have many scars, but only the video games portrayed him accurately. But hey, who’s really complaining about Cavill’s good looks? Also, we want to see more of him. 

His Hair was not White

Geralt’s white hair is not a witcher trademark, but a result of the magic he was infused with as a child. It’s not unique to him among witchers. He would probably get along well with characters like Rogue from X-Men and Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Also, his hair looks absolutely good.

White Wolf

In Geralt’s world, elves and other nonhuman species call him ‘Gwynbleidd’, which means ‘White Wolf’. It’s because of his silver hair and animal-like fighting abilities. It’s not about him being sad all the time. Also, this is a fearsome moniker and helps him to stand out among the rest of his kind. 

TV Geralt is Different

Fast Becoming Extinct

That’s right – Geralt’s kind is disappearing. Witchers are not well-liked in their world and face suspicion and conspiracy due to their abilities and violent methods. The schools where they are created and trained have been attacked, making them increasingly rare. Also, the attack on Kaer Morhen reduced a lot of their numbers in one go. The humans want Witchers to take care of their monsters but simply can’t stop hating them at all. 

Joey Batey can Sing for Real

Actor Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier the bard, is a skilled lute player in real life. He showcased his talent during his audition, which surely helped him land the role. It’s a case of “go lute or go home.” Also, his singing voice is absolutely gorgeous. Do you remember him singing “Burn, Butcher Burn”? Now that was something really worth watching. 

No Celebrity Cameos

Author Andrzej Sapkowski made a promise that no strange celebrity cameo would happen in the show, jokingly referring to Ed Sheeran’s cameo in Game of Thrones. He emphasized that his role as a creative consultant ensures that Ed Sheeran will not sing in the show. Thank you, Andrzej! Also, this is a really good way to ensure the series does justice to the books. 

Joey Batey can Sing for Real

Geralt is not Young

Geralt is not in his late thirties or forties, as he may appear in the games and Netflix show. While his exact age is not mentioned, various hints suggest that he is around 90 to 95 years old. This is not surprising, considering that witchers have longer lifespans despite their challenging profession. Also, it is a profession where young men die quickly. He is old, which says something about his skills. 

Almost a Blunder

Similar to the infamous coffee cup incident in the last season of Game of Thrones, The Witcher series almost had a major anachronism on screen. Car headlights were nearly overlooked in post-production, but luckily, a VFX employee noticed and prevented an awkward mistake. Also, we are rather glad this never came to pass. 

A Witcher Movie, Almost

Back in 2001, there was a first adaptation of The Witcher universe called The Hexer. Unfortunately, the Polish movie didn’t impress critics or fans and quickly faded away. The same happened with a Polish TV show in 2002, which only lasted for one season. It’s understandable considering the limited special effects available back then.

Almost a Blunder

One of a Kind

Unlike other witchers, Geralt is exceptionally strong, even though the reason for this remains unexplained. He seems to have surpassed his colleagues after undergoing the Trial of the Grasses, the process that transforms individuals into witchers. Interestingly, Geralt ironically wishes to pursue a different career. Also, he is extremely strong and cleverer than the average Witcher. Geralt is simply built differently. He keeps coming and coming like a tank made of flesh. 

Henry Cavill, a Fan

Out of 200 actors who auditioned for the role of Geralt, Henry Cavill emerged as the winner. It’s no surprise considering his extensive knowledge of the video games and books that the show is based on. Cavill is a passionate nerd who enjoys reading and gaming in his free time, making him the perfect fit for the role.

The Witcher’s Code is Fictional

The Witcher’s Code, often mentioned by Geralt and his fellow witchers, doesn’t actually exist. They use it as a made-up set of rules to justify their actions to their clients. It’s like creating your own rules while playing UNO. Well, if it gets the job done.

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