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exterior home remodeling

Every homeowner earlier or later thinks of house renovation. The most effective and fast way to complete this mission is to change the facade of your home. Today there are a plethora of materials for exterior home remodeling in Concord, MA. With the help of professionals, there is an opportunity to implement your design ideas into life for the most profitable cost. Let’s talk about siding in detail.

Classification of exterior home services in Concord, MA

Siding is one of the most inexpensive, easy to use and modern materials for the facade of a house. It has excellent decorative qualities, boasts decent durability (up to 50 years), excellent sound and heat insulation qualities. With siding, you can revet any surface and even ennoble a long-built house. 

The main types of exterior home remodeling Concord are:

  • vinyl;
  • wooden;
  • stone;
  • composite;
  • fibercement.

Among other things, when choosing a facade material, it is necessary to take into account the materials that were used for building the house. For example, for wooden houses, it is advised to equip a ventilated facade. It is customary to divide facades into the following types:

  1. “Wet” – are created with the obligatory use of building mixtures;
  2. “Dry” – facades are equipped with mechanical fasteners (self-tapping screws, dowels, etc.). This method is more convenient, allows installation at any time of the year.

Now we can move on to materials that are widely used in the decoration of the facade.

Exterior home remodeling Concord: natural and artificial stone

The stone has no competitors among other facade materials in terms of durability and reliability, and in terms of its decorative qualities it is considered one of the leaders. Natural stone is rather an expensive pleasure, so often the owners of private houses veneer only part of the facade with it, combining it with other materials, or using decorative stone. The latter has performance characteristics almost identical to natural stone, but it costs less, and it also weighs less, which is important. Advantages of stone exterior home remodeling in Concord, MA

  • durability and practicality. It is worth spending money on finishing with stone once, and it will be possible to forget about repairing the facade for decades; 
  • aesthetic appearance. Using different types of stone, you can translate into reality any design idea, and the house will always look prestigious;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to moisture, temperature extremes, sunlight;
  • resistance to mechanical stress.

Hence, if you are going to choose stone siding, turn to exterior home services in Concord, MA to get a high quality result for the best prices!

Wood siding as a part of exterior home remodeling in Concord, MA

Wood siding panels are made from wood treated with antiseptics or dried wood. Profile – wooden beam or board. Benefits of wood exterior home remodeling Concord:

  • excellent appearance;
  • naturalness;
  • ease of installation;
  • ability to withstand low temperatures;
  • good thermal insulation qualities.

The cladding of these panels looks very beautiful. Wood siding is completely safe for people, it does not emit any harmful substances. Therefore, it is often used not only for the external cladding of buildings, but during repairs inside an apartment. It is very light, easy to install and transport, and with all this it has a relatively low price, which is why it is very popular. Finishing buildings with this material lasts a very long time and perfectly tolerates all weather conditions: severe frost, snow, high humidity and unbearable heat. It should also be noted that wood siding does not need special care – it just needs to be periodically tinted or varnished. All siding works should be trusted into the hands of professionals. That’s why working with  exterior home services in Concord, MA will be your best choice!