Stpeach’s Age, Bio, Boyfriend & Some Interesting Facts


Have you heard of Stpeach, the famous Twitch Streamer? Yes, we are talking about Lisa Vannatta, the Canadian video game streamer who uses that alias. In addition to gaming, the Canadian girl has also gained a lot of fame through vlogging.

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that she’s not only available on Twitch. In other words, we see her prominence on other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Lisa Vannatta aka Stpeach is a beautiful lady who started her career back in August 2015. In that year, she joined the live streaming platform Twitch. So, on this note, it’s worth noting that Twitch is a platform that allows gamers and other users to stream content. This is how she has become so popular and gained lots of followers.

Her vlogging videos and gaming videos have become incredibly popular among her fans. She grabbed the spotlight and became quite famous through the live streaming of video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and LoL or League of Legends.

As we said earlier, she’s not only a gamer but also a vlogger. In fact, it’s also worth noting that she is also a fitness freak and a dental assistant. Currently, she has over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel ST peach. She even has several more millions on other social media platforms.

So, if you want to know about her life, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall talk about Stpeach and a few interesting facts, like her age, bio, boyfriend, etc.

A Short Bio On STpeach

Lisa Vannatta or whom we also know as STPeach is a fine lady. She was born in the year 1993, on 8th Nov in Calgary, Canada. In her family, she’s not the only child because she also has two older brothers. Her family brought her up alongside her brothers. Later on, she moved to Los Angeles, California in the year 2018.

However, her family still lives in Calgary, Canada. Lisa is a gaming star who holds Canadian Citizenship and she is of white ethnic background. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that she has worked as a dental assistant for some time.

Her Career As A LiveStreamer

So, regarding her career, Stpeach or Lisa began her twitch channel back in 2015, in August. However, her love for video games runs way back to the time when she was just a child. She watched her big brothers play video games and that’s how she found an interest in the world of games.

In other words, we can say that she was influenced by her brothers a lot. According to Lisa, she played Maplestory in middle school and that’s how she came to love the world of games. Since she was so good at playing games, people suggested her Livestream the content. However, she never gave it a try till 2015, and the rest is history.

At the initial stage of her career, she was having some difficult times juggling between her streaming career and her part-time job as a dental assistant. Eventually, STpeach left her job as a dental assistant and chose gaming & live streaming as her forefront career.

Currently, she is one of the most famous Canadian gamers out there who regularly stream content on Twitch and other social media platforms. Within three years, she even gained millions of subscribers on twitch and youtube channels.

Her Personal Life

According to the sources, she has tied knots with a North Korean person, Jay Chae. In fact, it has drawn much attention from people as well. She met her Asian boyfriend Jay Chae via Skype a few years ago. Of course, the link between them was gaming. Therefore, it didn’t take them long to connect. Eventually, they became gaming partners and met physically in 2016.

They had to go through some hurdles in their relationship. However, they fought everything and decided to settle for an engagement. So, a year after their engagement, they finally tied the knots.

Some Facts About Lisa

So, here are a few other facts on Lisa aka Stpeach.

  • She’s around 5ft 6 inches tall.
  • Lisa has three pet cats: Alfred, Leo, and Korra.
  • She’s a shy person and has more friends online than offline.

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