How Can You Hide Contacts On iPhone? Learn About The Easiest Ways

Hide contacts iPhone

So are you looking for options that can help you to hide contacts iPhone? You must have already researched about it online, but could not come up with any solutions, right? Well, if we tell the truth, there is actually no such option on iPhones. 

However, that does not mean there are no other ways to do so. Nowadays, you can do any impossible task, if you know the right means to do it. So would you like to know how you can hide contacts on your iPhone? Stay with us till the end as we will be discussing some of the essential aspects regarding it in this blog.

Check Out The Easiest Ways To Hide Your Contacts iPhone

As an iPhone user, you must be knowing that there are no options to hide your contacts on your phone. However, you can do so by using workarounds, which we will be discussing in today’s blog, in detail:

Save Your Contact By The Nickname

This is one of the easiest ways through which you can hide your contacts on your iPhone. So when you are saving a number save it using a particular nickname that only you will know about. Therefore, when you receive a call, the nickname will be displayed on your screen, thereby making it difficult for anyone to guess.

So you can open the contacts section and select the contact you want to give a nickname to, then you can edit the name after selecting the add field option. Now, your process is complete. 

Hide The Contacts By Shifting Them To Gmail

Through this method, you can add the contact that you want to hide to your Gmail account, and then delete it from your phone. Pretty simple, right? So if you are looking for a way to completely hide the contacts on your iPhone, you can indeed follow this way.

After you have shifted all your contacts to your Gmail, you can now delete it from your phone and can set the iPhone contacts app to hide Gmail contacts.

Create A New Contact Group To Hide Your Contacts 

This is one of the innovative ways of hiding the contacts on your iPhone. So to apply this method, you can create a New Contact group in iCloud. After that, you can shift all your contacts that you want to hide to this group. 

Finally, when you have completed the process of shifting all the contacts to this new group in iCloud, you can set the contacts app to display only the contacts of this group and hide all the remaining ones. The entire process is pretty simple and takes just a few minutes. However, it is quite helpful for people looking for ways to hide contacts on their iPhones.

Hide Contacts From Spotlight Search

You must have figured out by now that even if you hide your contacts by their nicknames, you cannot exclude the possibility of their phone number or real contact names coming up in the Spotlight search. So how can you solve this?

Well, there is a way to solve this as well, so you need not worry. You can go to the Settings option on your phone and then go over to General. Here you will find Spotlight search, where you need to switch off the slider next to the Contacts section. This will provide a solution to your problem. Do you know how? Well, it will prevent both contact names and numbers from showing up in the Spotlight search. So why not try it out?

Ending Note

So as we conclude we can say that users of this premium phone often look for ways to hide contacts iPhone. However, as we discussed earlier, there are no such options available. But you can always do it in some way or the other. Therefore, if you would like to know about some of the ways through which you can hide some of your contacts on your iPhone, you can have a look at this blog.