Like Butter Large Sectional: A Detailed Review

Like Butter Large Sectional

Picking a couch on digital platforms can be nerve-wracking when you don’t know the exact sizing and colors, but BenchMade brings you a fun way to do this.

BenchMade Modern is a reputabLike Butter Large Sectionalle online furniture brand known for its customizable pieces and excellent customer experience. This sofa and furniture store defines style and expression, winning awards from Furniture Today and publications on large platforms like The New York Times, Forbes, etc.

All the products are expertly crafted using modern tech and old manufacturing techniques. The Like Butter Large Sectional is the piece of art we are going to discuss today, and it is one of the many luxurious designs of the brand to surround yourself with.

Like Butter Large Sectional: What is it?

The large sectional manufactured by BenchMade is a luxurious sofa from the Like Butter collection. The couch is available on the online BenchMade Modern platform, allowing you to choose between fabrics and textiles.

It is a soft and relaxing L-shaped couch adorned in a modern design that can easily match any interior blueprint you desire. Known for its elegant looks and durable quality, the large sectional is incredibly comfortable furniture for a group of friends to sit on.

What are the features?

Easy Purchasing Process:

You only need to select your desired furniture, and they will send you a free box of fabric swatches that you can check out. This is extremely helpful as a variety of fabrics differ in person. You can then purchase your customized product for $11,131 on BenchMade Modern’s website.

High-end Material:

The elegant couch is wrapped in dried kiln material and fixed with a hardwood frame that helps it stand vibrant and rigid in the room. The inside of the sofa is fastened with sinuous springs, and the foam inserted within is of medium density. The core is made of the diverse Appalachian Trillium.

Elegant Design:

It is easily customizable; you need your pieces to be picked out carefully and a space to showcase them. You will be set to configure and create however you want. The relaxed design begins from its low back to high arm placement that will almost give you a gentle back rub as you lounge in it.

Comfortable Feel:

The BenchMade Like Butter Large Sectional provides an excellent and soft comfort level. Its laidback frame and low height make it a superb lounge area. This couch is not just about looks, but it also scores well when it comes to comfort, as its superior fabric gives you a pleasant feeling.

Why use Like Butter Large Sectional?

  • Nothing is better than inviting your guests and having them complement the fantastic interior decor of your house. One way to achieve this is by purchasing the Like Butter Large Sectional.
  • It will sit brightly anywhere you place it, and it beautifies with a great sense of versatility.
  • The trillium-packed seat offers you a comfortable seat to sink into the fabric while sitting. 
  • The product will be delivered after 4 weeks of ordering it with just $99 for contactless delivery.


  • BenchMade allows you to customize any product the way you like it.
  • The brand provides a crew to help you set up the furniture easily.
  • Its comfortable design lets you relax and destress.


  • The product is quite pricey compared to other similar products.