Kuroko no Basket Watch Order and Where To Begin

Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket is a highly captivating sports anime known for its gripping storyline and intriguing characters. People also love the way it portrays the sport of basketball. Many people are eager to start watching it but might feel overwhelmed by its complex structure. This guide shall give eager fans a very good idea of where to begin with the famous anime. After reading this one will know where to start and how to end it with a bang. Without further ado let us jump right onto the bandwagon and get going. 

Kuroko no Basket

The basketball team at Teikou Middle School was incredibly dominant known as the “Generation of Miracles,” featuring five extraordinary players and a mysterious “Phantom Sixth Man.” After their successful run they all went their separate ways in high school. However, at Seirin High School two new freshmen join the basketball team. They are called Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko. Another thing is that each has their own unique abilities. Kagami is a talented and passionate player who just returned from the United States who loves the sport. On the other hand Kuroko may lack athletic prowess and stand out but he used to be the enigmatic Phantom Sixth Man.

Kuroko no Basket: NG-Shuu

In the Kuroko no Basket anime there are fun and funny animated bloopers that come as an extra feature in the BD/DVD releases. These bloopers are inspired by the additional section of the original manga series. A reader can find this in both the regular and special editions. They offer a light-hearted and comical twist on the events and characters from the main series. This magnificent addition provides fans with a chance to see their beloved characters in amusing situations. This extra content adds to the overall enjoyment of the series and gives fans something extra to anticipate and enjoy.

Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Shiyokka

“Owara nai Natsu” is a special episode found on Kuroko no Basket Fan Disc 1. This episode revolves around the Seirin High basketball team as they embark on a summer training camp. During this camp they encounter unexpected events that put their teamwork and basketball skills to the test. Meanwhile Kuroko takes some time to think about his past. Watchers will remember him as a member of the “Generation of Miracles”. He muses about the significance of basketball in his life. This special episode provides fans with insights into the characters’ personal lives.

Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off

This episode of the famous anime comes with a variety of other additions. This also offers a glimpse into Kuroko’s past during his time as a member of the “Generation of Miracles.” In this episode viewers get to see Kuroko’s unique style of play known as the “Phantom Sixth Man.” He excelled at passing and had the remarkable ability to move around the basketball court without being noticed. The episode also sheds light on Kuroko’s first encounter with Riko Aida. She is the coach of Seirin High’s basketball team. Watchers will have a lot of fun dealing with the capers of the team. 

Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season

Following their success in the Interhigh Championship the basketball team from Seirin High School sets their sights on winning the Winter Cup. However their path to victory is blocked by formidable rivals like Yousen, Shuutoku, and Touou. All of these stellar players possess impressive skills on the court. Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami also encounter challenges with the return of old friends creating both on-court and off-court difficulties. Kuroko must find a way to balance his team spirit with his competitive nature in order to achieve success.

Kuroko No Basket: Baka Ja Katenai No Yo!

The Baka Ja Katenai no yo story from the fifth volume of Kuroko no Basket manga has been adapted into an anime which is included in the 25th volume of the manga. The story features Kuroko and Kagami as they take on an unlikely opponent in a street basketball game. Despite being a team of elementary school students their opponent proves to be skilled and formidable. The fans of the anime will have a lot of fun watching these episodes and the relationship between various players. 

Kuroko No Basket 2nd Season: NG-Shuu

The BD/DVD series for Kuroko no Basket Second Season includes animated bloopers that are based on the extra section of the original manga. These funny moments can be found in both the limited and normal editions of the series. These bloopers are a great addition as they bring humor and a playful atmosphere to the show. This is especially enjoyable for fans who appreciate a break from the intense basketball games and dramatic plotlines. These animated bloopers offer viewers a chance to see their beloved characters in a more humorous and relaxed setting.

Kuroko No Basket: Mou Ikkai Yarimasen Ka

This anime special is an extra feature. However, the makers decided to include it in the sixth volume of the anime series. It’s based on the 124th chapter of the manga and focuses on the first meeting between Tetsuya Kuroko and Daiki Aomine. The episode dives into their past. These episodes also show how they initially became friends and also the start of their competitive rivalry on the basketball court. The episodes are really nice and fans will have a very nice time watching them. 

Kuroko No Basket: Oshaberi Demo Shimasen Ka

The “Special included on Kuroko no Basket Fan Disc 2: Hikari Sasu Basho e” is an additional episode that comes with the second fan disc release of the anime series. However, in this episode the focus is on the Seirin High basketball team’s summer training camp where they engage in practice games and acquire new skills. Furthermore it delves into the personal lives and relationships of the characters. The series also sheds light on why they are so passionate about playing basketball. This is a beautiful blend of drama, humor and many other things that fans will definitely enjoy a lot. 

Kuroko No Basket 3rd Season

Seirin High School really wants to win the Winter Cup but there are big challenges in their way. These challenges are especially from the teams led by the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko is super determined to show his old teammates that basketball is not just about one person’s skills but it’s all about playing as a team. The episodes are a beautiful blend of drama and humor. So, every lover of anime should really watch all the seasons of the anime. They will have a magnificent time with it and love them to bits. 

Kuroko No Basket: Saikou No Present Desu

Satsuki Momoi plans a basketball-themed birthday party for Tetsuya Kuroko and she invites his old Generation of Miracles friends to join. Meanwhile Taiga Kagami and the Seirin High gang are busy getting ready for the celebration. Instead of focusing on physical presents the party emphasizes the value of special memories and strong friendships. This event highlights how important it is to build and cherish connections whether it’s on the basketball court or in life in general to find happiness and joy. It is really magnificent and you will like it a lot. 

Kuroko No Basket Movie 1: Winter Cup – Kage To Hikari

As the second year begins for Seirin High School’s Basketball Team they have a shortage of players and are in search of new talent. Luckily they discover two remarkable freshmen named Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko. However, these two newcomers compensate for the team’s small size with their incredible skills. Makers of the anime have crafted this anime with much love and devotion. Furthermore, this will help them pick some more anime in this same genre and have a good time rolling with it. 

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