Best 7 Online Learning Tools for College

Best 7 Online Learning Tools for College

Are you stuck at home, wondering what you could do with your time? Well, you can learn something new. We have shortlisted seven best online learning platforms that will put your time to good use. Read about them carefully and get yourself registered online for some amazing courses.

Why are online learning tools important?

Before moving towards the list of online tools, it is important to discuss its relevance, practicality, market need, and employment impact. These online platforms have gained much popularity today. You can get the autonomy over your studies as these courses are often self-paced. You can also learn better as compared to a traditional classroom setting, where there are many students. In other words, you are focused and can retain better. You are bound to the schedule of the traditional classes; however, online classes have a flexible schedule. They are also much cheaper than taking classes on campus. You might not get the opportunity to take courses from the top-tier universities and organization if it was not for these online platforms. Now, let us move towards the list of seven best online learning platforms.

1. Coursera

It is one of the best- and well-known learning platforms available online. They are currently collaborating with 190 plus top universities and companies. These include Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Google, and IBM. You can study thousands of specializations and courses completely online on this platform. The courses take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to complete. It is a complete package made up of videos, assignments, and discussion forums. You can also get professional certificates and even university degrees for nominal prices. The subscription cost for the main courses is somewhere between $29-99 per month. For specialization courses, it is in the range of $39-79 per month. The degree programs can cost from $15 to $25000 and take from 1 to 3 years to complete. You can know more about the benefits of studying on essay writing websites as writing services like this will provide you with an expert’s opinion.

2. edX

You must be familiar with the platform due to its established brand name. Just like Coursera, it is powerful, feature-rich, and has collaborated with top-tier universities. It offers 2500 plus online courses in collaboration with 140 institutions, including Berkeley, Boston University, Harvard, and MIT. You can now get a world-class education by sitting at your home and using a laptop. The courses are taught by real college and university professors. You can choose your courses from a vast array of fields. It is one of the top online learning platforms because it provides professional degree certificates and micro degree programs. These are of the Bachelor and masters’ level. The entire course package contains video lectures, reading/supporting material, assignments, quizzes, and discussions. Its USP is that majority of the courses that it offers are free. However, there is a slight issue. You can access everything and learn the entire course, but you cannot get the verified certificate until you have paid $49/class. The courses are self-paced, but they do have a start and end date.

3. Canvas

It is a “Massive open online courses” MOOC platform and is not a big name like Coursera and other online education platforms.  It has taken on board several small universities and local community colleges. The aim is to teach educators some professional development courses that will help them in their careers. The most famous course that it offers is university governance and academic leadership.

4. FutureLearn

It is one of the best websites that let you learn from universities all over the globe. These include king’s college London, the University of Michigan, and Monash University. They have also collaborated with specialist organizations such as amnesty international, the British council, and UNESCO. You can learn new skills, pursue hobbies, and develop your careers using this platform. The courses are flexible, and 100% online. You can choose from a wide range of subjects. They offer both short and long courses as well as a university degree. You can easily browse subjects and check the degrees they are offering. During the degree, you get access to the university library as well as online resources. You can now opt for courses such as archeology, digital skills, and project management on one single platform. Is not it the best elearning platforms that you have come across! If you want to know more about an online degree and its benefits, ask experts at Essay Kitchen.

5. Codecademy

For all the coders out there, this website is for you. This online platform teaches you the basic skills behind coding. It also gives you a perspective of the broader IT world. Codecademy is the best online learning platform that provides a wide catalog of subjects. From web development to data science, you can opt for a multitude of courses. They also offer languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Python. You can learn to build websites by taking a three-month course. The basic courses are free, which are interactive lessons and require daily practice. You can have an upgrade that will include real-world projects, certificates of completion, and peer support for $15.99 per month billed yearly. It also provides you additional exercises and quizzes that are aimed at sharpening your coding skills.

6. Udacity

Udacity is the best online education platform that offers a mixture of online courses that are both free and paid. Just like edX and Coursera, it has some great partnerships and that too in the tech sphere. They include organizations like Lyft, IBM, and Google. Some of the options include front end web development, data analytics, and autonomous flight engineering. It offers the courses that are currently in-demand and can help you in landing your dream job. Udacity’s nano-degree is something that differentiates it from other services, which takes four months to complete.

7. The Open University

Though It has its headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK, it primarily operates online. They offer hundreds of courses that are free. Most of the courses offered are related to education careers, childhood, and youth studies. Some of the options are how to take teaching online, mental health problems, and the future of education. You can learn a lot from these courses and even ask professional write a perfect research paper. It will help you greatly in capturing opportunities in the future. 


Now that you know about all these online learning platforms, you must choose according to your learning needs. You can use these websites to learn new subjects and get certifications that will help you get a job in the desired field. So, shortlist all the courses and register today!