Learn About Joe Buck’s Ex-Wife Ann Archambault

Ann Archambault

You have probably heard the name of Joe Buck, who’s famous in the field of sport commentating. So, you’d like to learn about his ex-wife, Ann Archambault

Nation recognizes the famous Joe because he provides play-by-play calls of MLB and NFL games. However, very few people might know his ex-wife here. 

So, if you wish to know about Joe’s ex-wife Ann Archambault then we have some exciting details for you. It’s because of her association with the famous Joe that she has also gotten a lot of spotlights. 

Even though she likes to lead a life of secrecy there is an ample amount of info available on her. So, follow this article if you wish to know more about Ann and her life. 

Who Is Archambault? Learn About Joe’s Ex-Wife

So, before he tied knots with Michelle Beister, Joe Buck married Ann Archambault. In fact, the duo shared a great relationship with each other for a staggering 18 years. However, due to differences in opinion, they had to go on their separate ways. 

Ann was born in the year 1969 in St Louis, Missouri. Therefore, she’s around 51-52 years old as of 2021. Since she likes to lead a low-key life, there’s not much info available on her life. However, we know that she is a graduate student of spring Woods High School that is in Houston. Moreover, the girl from St. Louis also has two daughters with Buck as well, they are Trucy, and Natalie, respectively. 

Ann Archambault

As we said earlier, they didn’t have a flashy lifestyle but they did have a good time together. However, due to differences of opinion, they had to go on their separate ways. After their divorce, Ann Archambault tried to live a modest life in Ladue, St. Louis. So, even though she’s not in the spotlight anymore, we do see her at times on her daughter’s Instagram. 

When Did The Couple Marry?

Joe and Ann did share a great time during their marital life. They went to different places and fully enjoyed everything that their marital life had to offer. In fact, they also share two beautiful babies as well. So, all in all, they spent a great time together. The duo tied marital ties in the year 1993.

Now, their love story is really interesting because Joe proposed Ann Archambault in his own way. Yes, he proposed to her on a live radio broadcast. In fact, Joe invited her for the KMOX postgame show at Mike Shannon’s steaks and seafood. No sooner had they met at the steak house than Buck took her to the side room. 

There due to circumstances, Shannon was also present and their joe popped the huge question. In addition, we can say that the whole crowd listened to their conversation on the live radio. Once Ann gave the positive signal to joe the whole crowd applauded in joy. 

How Are They Doing Right Now After Their Divorce?

After almost 18 years of living together, the couple has decided to take a divorce. They haven’t shared any clear reason in public. However, we can guess that it’s due to differences in opinion. There are of course other probable reasons that we have no idea about. 

Now, it’s quite not surprising but after their divorce, Joe and Ann are doing great actually. In fact, in the year 2014, Joe tied knots with the former NFL Broncos Cheerleader Beiser. The 44-year-old Beiser is one of the most prominent feature reports for ESPN. She’s also a Monday Night Countdown crew member. Currently, the duo shares a set of twin boys, Blake & Wyatt. 

However, there’s no news about Ann Archambault’s life. It’s true that we do see her from time to time on her daughter’s Instagram profile

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