Top Artificial Intelligence Courses in the USA

Artificial Intelligence Courses
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It is not a new fact that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are drastically changing our lives and making this world a beautiful and better place to survive. In fact, AI is powering the 4th Industrial Revolution and transforming the business world effectively. But it is also true that the technology is still in its early age where many more research is going on and many inventions are on the way to success. In today’s digital world, we are connected to AI in some way or another, whether it is Alexa and Siri (Voice assistants), driverless cars, defense systems, video gaming apps, chatbots, etc. 

Nowadays the AI market is overgrowing and projected to surpass US $1597.1 billion by 2030 with a growth rate CAGR of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030, as predicted by Precedence Research. But also, an impressive 20% annual growth rate is anticipated in the short-term future. Thus we can say that AI can make the future of the industry more social, personalized, and entertaining. Several sectors like Content and News organizations, Superintelligence, Healthcare, Entertainment, Defense, Finance and Banking, etc., are implementing advanced Ai technologies in their operations to get success in a short span of time. Therefore there is a high demand for AI experts in the IT market. It also enhanced the demand for AI certification courses also students as well as professionals seeking the best online course to make a bright career in this domain.

Here we are going to discuss some of the top AI courses in the USA. 

AI and AI Courses Explained

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to intelligence that is powered and programmed by computer programs and performed by systems and machines without any human intelligence. We can see several advanced AI examples like driverless cars, voice assistants ( Alexa and Siri), Chatbots, product recommendations, spam filters, speech recognition, etc., are making our lives easier and more comfortable. AI involves learning, reasoning, and self-correction in its processes and techniques. It is also known as an automated decision-making system that can frequently learn, adapt, advise and take appropriate actions automatically. AI tools and techniques represent an important evolution in computer science and data processing, quickly transforming a vast array of industries and organizations. 

AI Certification Courses- Artificial intelligence certifications are credentials that can help you learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts with advanced curricula and resources. You can explore the fast-moving and fascinating field of artificial intelligence with online courses. These courses can help you learn natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep neural networks, image processing, even the human brain, and other relevant topics. Let us know about some of the important AI courses that can guide you in your career choices. 

Top Artificial Intelligence Courses in The USA

The following mentioned is the list of the best artificial intelligence courses that can be done on-campus and online mode of learning. 

  • Master of Science in Information System- Business Intelligence System-    It is considered one of the best AI courses in the USA. You can gain this certification at the University of Colorado- Denver. The duration of these courses is 4 semesters with fees of US$ 42,480. This course is all about combining data with analytical tools to present complex information in a usable format. It also helps to understand data patterns for making decisions and understand the capabilities of a firm, regulations, future market directions, and actions of competitors.
  • Certified Artificial Intelligent Practitioner (CAIP)- It is one of the fastest growing and in-demand certification and training programs specially designed for data practitioners who want to get familiar with vendor-neutral,cross-industry knowledge of AI skills and concepts. This course helps you to select, train, and implement machine learning solutions. It validates candidates’ knowledge and skill set of AI technologies, concepts, and tools that can enable them to become capable AI experts for a variety of AI job roles.
  • Masters of Engineering in Applied Artificial Intelligence- You can achieve this certification from the Stevens Institute Of Technology, US. It costs US$56,985. The duration of this course is 3 semesters, and the entry score is 7.0 IELTS. This specialized course helps develop a strong background in the theoretical basics and algorithms development in deep learning and artificial intelligence, along with a deep knowledge of various engineering applications. Basically, it helps learn software and hardware skills that are necessary and applicable across multiple engineering domains. 
  • MS in computer science with AI specialization – Stanford University- This program will help students learn AI principles and techniques and a basic understanding of probability, logic, and language. It will also teach you about machine learning, robotics, probabilistic modeling and inference, natural language processing, and applications in domains like text processing, biology, etc.
  • School of Interactive Computing – Georgia Tech- This course is specially designed to provide practical knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary skills and theoretical knowledge to implement and use future computer interfaces. The course duration is 4 semesters with 36 credit hours. Candidates have to complete four core courses- elective courses, specialized courses ( including Interactive Computing, Digital Media and Industrial Design and Psychology ), and a Master’s project.
  • Master of Professional Studies in Applied Machine Intelligence (Boston)- It is also one of the best Ai courses available in the USA at Northeastern University. This program focuses on data, technology, and human literacy. In this program, you’ll take a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, creating well-rounded and sought-after innovators primed to utilize data and AI to inform domain-specific business decisions. With this course, you can excel in the fastest-growing and highly in-demand sectors such as finance, healthcare, human resources, business ventures, etc. It also helps you in landing a successful career in applied artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Besides these important AI courses, hundreds of  AI specialization courses are available worldwide. You can opt for any AI course that can suit your personality and according to your pace. So, it is never late to take admission if you are seeking the right job role in this domain. Just enroll and start your journey.