Jobs in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development in Singapore

Jobs in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development in Singapore

Understanding the job market can help a person find the jobs that are suitable for them. It can also help a person differentiate between the roles performed by individuals working in different positions, the average pay, and the qualifications needed for the job. While there are many sales, marketing, business development jobs in Singapore, the requirements and qualifications for the different jobs differ. This article will help you understand the different requirements, qualifications, and roles performed by individuals in sales, marketing, and business development jobs in Singapore.

Overview of Careers in Sales Marketing, and Business Development

Individuals in careers in sales, marketing, and business development usually work on product campaigns and development of sales strategies that are aimed at increasing the revenue of the business listing in Singapore or improving its position in the job market. Careers in sales, marketing, and business development in Singapore can either be linked to ensure that the roles related to the job are performed by one person or they might be broken down into different segments that involve jobs in sales, marketing, or business development.

Marketing: Jobs that are specifically targeted for individuals in the marketing career are often related to roles such as advertising, media planning, development of sales strategy, brand awareness, and optimization of customers’ awareness about the product or service. Modern careers in marketing in Singapore have advanced from the traditional use of radio and billboard advertising to digitized marketing strategies that entail utilizing search engine optimization and social media.

Sales: Jobs in sales are often associated with the development of strategies to sell products or services to the target market. Individuals interested in careers in sales should be well-versed with consumer purchasing behaviors because they are required to utilize such information in promoting a product’s best feature.

Combination of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development: Sales, marketing, and business development are interconnected. Sales and marketing professionals work towards developing the business by promoting the products and services being developed by the business and influencing customers’ decisions regarding the products or services. The top jobs advertised in these areas are marketing analyst, sales lead, marketing manager, customer success manager, pre-sales engineer, consultant or manager, communication program manager and partnership marketing.


The responsibilities associated with sales, marketing, business development jobs in Singapore include servicing and maintaining existing customers by informing them about current and upcoming products, maintaining good relationships with new and existing clients, understanding the market and coming up with new marketing strategies that might appeal to new markets. Individuals in these jobs are also responsible for providing good after-sale services to their clients, coordinating operations related to the delivery of goods and payments for services rendered, and developing market reports to assess the business’ performance against its competitors.


Individuals interested in careers in these fields should possess a diploma, bachelor’s degree, postgraduate diploma, or any other professional degree in sales and marketing, business development, business administration, or commerce. To work in the Singapore market, language skills in English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil can also increase an individual’s likelihood of landing a job in these career fields.

In Summary

Jobs in sales, marketing, and business development are correlated. Ideally, jobs in these fields focus on product or service promotion and the identification of potential customers. Taking up professional career development courses and having the right background in any of these fields can increase a person’s likelihood of getting a job in sales, marketing, or business development in Singapore.