Ex-AC Milan Player Seid Visin Found Dead – Is That A Suicide?

Seid Visin

The young man was found dead on June 4, 2021, in his home. So far there are no medical reports released from the hospital. Thus, the cause of this death stays a mystery.

Who Is Seid Visin?

The young player was popular on various sports websites like ‘Transfermarkt’, etc. He belongs to black descent of mixed ethnicity. The player owns dual citizenship in countries such as Italy and Ethiopia.

There is no data regarding the biological parents of Seid. Based on a report, he was adopted as a kid and raised in Nocera Inferiore in Italy. Later he shifted to Milan for pursuing his career in football.

Similar to his biological parents, his adoptive parents’ details are not available too. But based on a website, his adoptive parents are Walter and Maddalena. At the time of his death, he was 21 years old. Thus, he was in the year 2000. His birthplace is Gondor, Ethiopia. 

The young player focused on his education instead of his playing football. He retired from the sports industry in 2016 but he continued his appearance in five-a-side with Atletico Vitalic. This is the name of the club which announced the death news of this young player. 

Soon after celebrating his 21st birthday, he died a few months later. Furthermore, he was a rising star in football. The player was popular for playing academy-level football at AC Milan. He played alongside the A-Team goalkeeper, Gigio Donnarumma. 

What Happened To EX-AC Milan Youth Player?

The young player killed himself and people found him dead in his home. He committed suicide as he suffered from constant racial abuse. The reason is that he was from a black ethnicity.

Atletico club released the death news of this player to the public. The man already reported in Italian media about his life getting no more at his family home. The reason is that the man suffered in life from racial abuse. He has written a heartbreaking letter before his death which was read at his funeral on Saturday. It was many heartbreaking things mentioned in the letter. This letter made him come into the spotlight as well.

Seid Visin – Last Letter:

According to the letter, he explained all the things that he went through in his life. Wherever the young man visits, people used to see him with hatred. They even gave a frightening look at this young man because of his black descent. Thus, he began to think that there was a great increase in racism and that has no end. 

Additionally, Visin worked as a waiter before playing football. At that time, an elderly white lady refused him not to serve her table. Again, the reason is the black skin and he got hurt by many similar situations in life.

Furthermore, he was afraid to stay in Italy as an immigrant. He mentioned many things in the letter. He wrote the first letter in January 2019 and he sent it to his friends and his psychotherapist. 

Many of his friends came forward to pay tribute to Visin. One of them is the Italian national team goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. He also stayed with Visin while they were playing at AC Milan.


Most people felt sad about the sad news of this young boy, Seid Visin. They are sending condolences to the Visin’s family to stay strong against this great loss.

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