Answering Star Interview Questions

Star Interview Questions

There’s no denying the fact that job interviews can be tempting. Since there are endless questions an HR may ask, one needs to prepare well. In fact, not knowing the ones to prepare can also lead you to a nerve-wracking situation. One of the best ways to prepare for the interviews is the Star method. So, what is star interview questions, or method that one needs to prepare in the first place?

Well, it’s a formula for forming answers for an interview. So, if you want to know what are the star methods and how to use them in a job interview, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall provide you with everything that you need to know about this matter.

An Overview Of Star Interview Questions

In order to know about star interview questions, we have to understand the method. So, as per the sources, the star method is a framework that we use for answering behavioral interview questions.

People use it to hit the points that an interviewer is looking for. Moreover, it also allows one to keep their responses succinct and easy to follow. It’s really helpful when someone asks you questions that are quite hypothetical or story-driven in nature.

So, it’s worth noting that there are four points of an answer for star interview questions.


Well, the first thing one must do while answering a behavioral question in an interview is to set the scene of the story. You can describe something relevant, like a work situation. Make sure that you describe a specific point and not just general stuff. It’s essential to take the least amount of time while answering.


Next one in the line for answering the star interview questions, make sure that you follow the ‘task’. It’s a part where you have to explain what your job was in that particular situation. For instance, did you have to meet a deadline or double the results or solve any problems? This is a very important part of the ‘STAR” method.


So, now we come to the third step, the action part. This is the part that actually answers the question. Well, in order to answer, explain the steps that you have taken to complete the task and solve the conflict. In this part of the STAR method, you should provide depth to your answer.


Last but not least, we come to the result part of the STAR method. So, in this part, you will wrap up the story or description by sharing the results of your efforts. You may also mention whatever you have accomplished and what you have learned.

What Are The Behavioral Questions & What To Expect?

So, we should talk about behavioral questions. These questions an interviewer may ask you to know about your overall work experience. In other words, a company should know whom they are hiring. So, that’s why the HR or the hiring manager should ask questions that will allow them to know about the candidates.

They may also want to know how you have handled work situations in the past. Moreover, it’s also true that they may ask these questions because learning about how you have approached things in the past gives them proper insights into how you are likely to approach those same situations in the future.

So, that’s why we have to say that there is no right or wrong answer to the star interview questions. However, there’s always the correct way to approach them, and that is the STAR method.

If you don’t have a lot of formal experience then you may also cite examples from your experiences in school, extracurricular, etc. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that it’s easy to know these questions. Usually, they start with phrases like, ‘tell me about a time…’, ‘describe a situation where…’, ‘what do you do when…’.

As we can see, there is no proper way to answer them. However, one should know the proper ways to approach these answers. We have already noted the STAR method for these star interview questions.

How To Prepare For The STAR Questions

The star interview questions are not that difficult to answer at all. Your approach is the key here. However, there’s only one tricky part to these questions: you can never be sure what topics will come. That’s why it’s impossible to prepare for all kinds of stories. But there’s a good thing, we can boil them down to a few categories.

For instance, stress, conflict, adaptability, problem-solving, attention to detail, challenges, integrity, leadership, time management, initiative, creativity, goal setting, teamwork, etc are some of the categories from which an interviewer may ask you STAR interview questions.

Of course, there are a few overlays among these questions. The key is to prepare a wide range of examples from your past experience so that you have a lot of stories to pull from.  However, one should know that it’s essential to answer properly, without crafting too much. Otherwise, it may backfire.


So, that’s how you deal with star interview questions. It’s pretty easy and once you have the hang of the entire thing, it becomes even easier. There’s no foolproof way to ‘prepare’ but of course, following the STAR method is the key.

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