Top 7 Career Opportunities After MBA in Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is right now the need of the hour. In the field of digital marketing, companies are constantly looking for experts, they want people who are experienced and know about the various tools and strategies of digital marketing through which they can promote their brand and reach out to customers.

With the rising popularity of digital marketing, many universities and institutions have started offering MBAs in Digital Marketing to guide students who want to start their careers in this field

With the help of various tools and techniques, an MBA in Digital Marketing prepares students and professionals to devise and strategize digital marketing campaigns. The curriculum covers all facets of digital marketing, from SEO to Ad Design, as well as training in managerial and organizational skills.

In simple words, an MBA gets the students industry-ready and provides them with hands-on training. After completing the post-graduation program there are a lot of opportunities for the graduates.

Here, we have listed some opportunities for you to get an idea about what career you can pursue after graduation.

7 Best Career Opportunities for MBA in Digital Marketing Graduates

1. Digital Marketing Manager

These people are the ones responsible for heading all the digital marketing campaigns. A digital marketing manager plans develops, implements, and monitors the marketing campaigns. They need to have knowledge regarding creative direction, digital marketing tools, and social media trends. 

From optimizing the recent updates in the algorithm to benefit your business to dealing with various clients and communicating with them, a digital marketing manager needs to take on many things. 

2. Paid Media Expert

Paid media experts are responsible for bringing in traffic to the website through paid ads and managing the daily activities related to paid media marketing. They need to be quick thinking and should know their way around paid ads.

An organization spends 30-40% of its revenue on digital advertising, which is why bringing in an expert who can plan everything carefully and then implement it in a way that ultimately benefits the organization is crucial. Because spending on digital ads without a proper plan is just a waste of money for companies. On digital platforms, Paid Media Specialists help organizations grow and succeed. Developing an effective digital strategy and effectively buying media are integral parts of their role.

3. Seo Analyst

A Seo analyst’s main work is to make the website rank on the first page of search engines. They need to analyze the website and come up with SEO strategies to make it SEO friendly.  In terms of search engine optimization, the specialist ensures relevant search results and a positive user experience, growing site traffic, lead volume, and brand awareness.

Being an SEO Analyst is not a routine desk job due to regular updates in search engine algorithms. They need to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the search engine industry.

4. Social Media Specialist

With almost half of the world being active on social media, it’s no surprise that all companies are now trying to promote their brand on social media to gain more customers and increase their global reach. With a social media account, brands can connect directly with their audiences, giving them a more friendly image.

The role of a social media specialist includes responsibilities such as developing engaging content for digital channels, planning social media strategies, collaborating with people, etc. They must also ensure that people interact with the brand on social media in order to generate interest. You can also take a social media marketing course and gain effective skills to start your career in the field.

5. Media Strategist

Planning advertising campaigns are not just about developing and creating ads. You also need to make sure that your ads are reaching your target audience. A media strategist’s role requires them to identify a brand’s target audience, find ways to effectively reach out to them, and also determine the means of advertising. 

They also need to analyze data collected through surveys, google analytics, traditional advertising, etc to determine a proper ad strategy. From small businesses to top MNCs, everyone needs to have a media strategist in their marketing team. Good analytic and communication skills are a must-have for aspiring media strategists.

6. Brand Manager

A brand manager position is one of the most sought-after career options. A brand strategist maintains the brand’s overall image and also manages various products under the brand. They have a responsibility of creating brand strategies, brand mission & vision, assisting in product development and pricing, etc. 

Communication skills and maintaining good relationships with colleagues and external contacts are important for brand managers. Having a hands-on attitude, with an analytic mind will assist you to obtain a brand manager position.


Getting an Post Graduation in Digital Marketing will give you a big boost in your career. It is very common for MBA programs to offer placement assistance to their students and help them land high-paying jobs in high-growth industries. The numerous job opportunities will give students options to choose whichever career path they are interested in.

However, if you are still in college and want to learn about digital marketing then you might consider taking an online digital marketing course. This course will help you learn digital marketing techniques in a short time.

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