Interesting Facts About The Los Angeles Lakers That Will Surprise You

Los Angeles Lakers

There is no doubt about the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the best teams. They are the most successful teams in NBA history. The history of the team is filled with many spectacular accomplishments. So no one can deny that they are a great team. Also, they have won multiple NBA championships with 17 NBA titles. The team was founded in 1947 and their first name was ‘Minneapolis Lakers’. After the 1960-61 season of the NBA, they came to be known as the Los Angeles Lakers. Here know about all the fun facts about Los Angeles Lakers. 

The great sportsmanship of the Lakers News

The Lakers are one of the great teams because of their sportsmanship. At the end of the day, attitude matters right. In the beginning, many of their players were criticised for their bad behaviour. But at various times Lakers have shown good sportsmanship. For instance, they have a tough rivalry with Boston Celtics. But they are cordial with all their rival teams. The franchise players of the Lakers are known as ‘Showtime’ because of their style and their talents. 

The History Of The Lakers schedule

The history of the Lakers can be traced to when the Detroit Gems team disbanded in 1947. Then the new team started to play as Minneapolis Lakers. Also, these gradually became the Los Angeles Lakers. Some of the notable players of the team are ‘Big Game James’ or James Worthy who was able to score a triple-double in the NBA finals. Another best player was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who won multiple MVP awards.

From 1979 the Lakers team was owned by the Buss family. The owner Jerry Buss was a real estate businessman and now his daughter Jeanie Buss is the team president and head of Buss Family Trust. 

Steve Nash is the Lakers’ all-time leader

Steve Nash is the NBA Hall of Famer who attempted 54 threes and made 42.2% of them (65). This is the best three-point percentage in the history of the match. 

The team has won sixteen championships 

The Lakers have won 16 championships which is the only team other than Boston Celtics with this record. They are trying to catch the Celtics this year to exceed their record. 

Demarcus Cousins are back 

DeMarcus Cousins are one of the best men in the NBA. He was injured when playing with New Orleans Pelicans. But he recovered from that injury and joined Golden State Warriors but he got injured again. Now he is trying to join the Lakers after fully recuperating. 

Lebron and Anthony Davis are close friends 

Lebron and Davis are close to unstoppable and the duo is always a hit. It will be good to see how they will do this year. 

Great centres 

The Lakers team has had a great centre in their team. From Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Shaquille O’Neal to Wilt Chamberlain most of the teams never had centres good as them. 

They are known as Showtime 

In the beginning Lakers, players like Magic Johnson, James Worthy, and Byron Scott had their nicknames Showtime. Their quick and stylish play is the reason why they got the name. 

They were considered Magic 

One of the best players for the Lakers is Magic Johnson. He was a point guard for the team but his size has never stopped him to go down low and rebound with the big guys. So he is still the team’s legend. 

Lebron wishes to be a Team player 

LeBron James is a superstar but he wishes everyone to know that he is a team player. He is leading the NBA in assists but he keeps passing the ball to his teammate Anthony Davis. 


These are some of the fun facts about the greatest team in the NBA Los Angeles Lakers.

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